2 Carvery Meals For £6 @ Crown Carveries

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As above, 2 carvery meals for £6

Valid throughout february, use as many times as you like !

not much more to say really



sorry if already posted but i couldnt see it

- davidmaiden18183


good find i know where we are going for tea lol



Usual price

Good saving of £1.38

im a really healthy person and we go here when parents down(6 of us) or we visit them as its such a bargain at £3.69,this even better.
last time we went we got the free unlimited icecream(its actually cornish whippy icecream) oh my god i had about 5 bowls haha.

excellent value for money,once u cooked a massive roast,served,washed up at home there is no way you could do it for the price of crown carvery.
hot hot hot

thanks for the link OP

cheap but not great beef...rest is ok...better than fast food though and cheaper....cant believe the price of burger kings now.....big ones with fries/drinl are £7.49

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heat added, saw this morning and was going to post but I was going to have to wait until I got home to be able to find and access the facebook link to the voucher - its blocked in work (this is meant to be to loyalist who 'like' crown carvery on facebook - but the link is freely accessible to everyone once you've got it off the facebook page)

EDIT - should this not be in vouchers? not that that helps its exposure, last months deal that was a single persons carvery for £3 (not 2 for £6) was posted with 30 days until expiry....it only got hot after 29 later for effectively the same price deal but better.

EDIT - Now been changed to voucher
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Thanks so much for this i live 20 doors away from one, wont be cooking much in feb now

thanks for this

I pile my plate high

Oh, Boo, nearest to me is 17.5 miles away, good find though, heat added.

thanks, any idea if the vegetarian option is included in this offer?

Original Poster


thanks, any idea if the vegetarian option is included in this offer?

i just tell them i dont want any meat and thats fine
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