£2 Completely Free to play using voucher code @ Sky Bet

£2 Completely Free to play using voucher code @ Sky Bet



Which game is it for? I have added the code but when I had a go on a slot it took it from my balance. Reading terms I think the code is for a certain game in the sky vages section.
it's for the Sky Sports Slot, says in description..is only two spins but better than nothing
page wont load for me, maybe the site is overloaded.
Just won £29.55, thanks OP!
Figured out it was for sky sports slots in the end! Did not read the description properly. Did not win but did on the last offer like this. Thanks though.
Spent my £2 in 1 spin lol...thanks op
Cheers Won £10. Not sure how I did it I didnt have a clue how I did it but I have withdrawn it so cheers!
Thanks ! Won £3.00.
All I get is 'failed to locate gamepage'
won £2.50, good stuff
Just won £75 on the second spin!!

Tried to play on my mobile and now on my laptop and the game will not load
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