2 for 1 on main courses and children's menu during half-term @ Cafe Rouge

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This voucher was emailed to people on the website's mailing list. If you sign up now, they may still email you the voucher but if not, just print this one out: img301.imageshack.us/img…jpg

do you read this one as for every 2 people you need 1 voucher, so if 4 people 2 vouchers?

They change their rules on their vouchers, so have printed 2 in case!

Been today with voucher, need 1 voucher per 2 people, but the PDF above was not accepted as they know it's not genuine as there should be a name on it. Thankfully my friend had a couple of ones sent to her to use.

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Ahh, I deleted the name from the voucher sent to me before I uploaded it.
Sorry you had hassle with it, I didn't think they'd notice if there was a name missing. It is the original voucher, just with the name removed form the space above the picture of the waiter.
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