2 for1 voucher at Nandos for Lunch

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somebody let me know how to upload a voucher pls

Do you have a code?

Nice website... but how to get 2 for 1?!

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no, it's a image file

if you have a photobucket account then upload it to there and then paste the link here

don't see any 2 for 1 :?

me either :-(

Waste of time unless you upload the voucher. Voted cold.


Waste of time unless you upload the voucher. Voted cold.

where do you upload the voucher from though? :?

cant find voucher on site


send me a pm and I can help you upload the voucher for all of us to use.



credit goes to bansalma voucher expires 31/07/08


somebody let me know how to upload a voucher pls

Here you go mate



All credit goes to Bansalma, Thank you

Voucher Expires 31/07/08 :x

voucher states 'lunch' but does not state time restrictions.....any ideas?

what is the procedure?
just print out the voucher?
Where is the origin of this voucher?

Looks fake to me!!!

Saw a reply at MSE and someone confirmed this voucher is indeed fake

Nandos has updated their site and confirm this is fake!!

Hi All,

Just called up local Nandos in Harrow, and confirmed that they are taking the 2for1 voucher and have been doing so all day, so i will be using it tonight.

I have read on the website that there are fake ones about, but i guess you have to ring your local branch of Nandos.

Enjoy !!

Message from Nando's Marketing Dept: We can confirm that the voucher being circulated is not a genuine promotion. For the best offers at Nando's, pick up a Nando's loyalty card from our restaurants. Many thanks.

thanks but ,,,, Why do they get the voucher out for 2 days.... Rubbish but I guess I would see people queuing clinching the piece of paper

Hot chicks....till tomorrow.!

& Fake>>>>wtf

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i used it successfully in Cambridge! Fakes FTW!
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