2 free gifts, £5 off and free P&P at La Redoute-£5

Get code & visit site738



Can you apply two codes together now, i have tried but it honours only one code



Yeah same here, the gift code cancels out the money off code
1088 has been posted on here before too- click on the vouchers section, there are loads of voucher codes xxx

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I got both together, it was on the confirmation email too. Not sure which one I added first though. I tried loads and loads of codes. Most cancelled each other out except this one that's why I thought I'd share it!

Try adding the gift first.

i can't get it to work either - have tried alternative ways to put codes in but they just cancel each other out


i can't get it to work either - have tried alternative ways to put codes … i can't get it to work either - have tried alternative ways to put codes in but they just cancel each other out

It doesn't work with me either

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We're delighted that you have chosen to shop at laredoute.co.uk

Your order information is displayed below.

1 9915648 BRA 34C £9.58
1 8699682 THONGS 8/10 £4.42
1 8085331 TOWEL+MITT £0.00
1 9759590 P6 CUPS £0.00

4 item(s) ordered for £14.00 (Including delivery charge)

Special offer details
Your order code: 1088

This the confirmation I got, the bra is normally £13 and knickers £6, so I definitely got both codes to work on that order. I'm really sorry no one else can get it to work, maybe it was sussed and they've put some restriction on it now. Who knows!

Thanks for these codes-both have appeared to work on my order for a t-shirt x

I can only get one code to work....Tried putting them in both ways

If you cant get 2 codes to work then hotukdeals.com/dea…ag- that is 1 code for £5 off, free delivery and free tweed bag

Thanks for the 1088 code, I had the code for the throw 6326 and amazingly for the first time ever they have both worked so got myself a shirt in the sale (not sure of the quality its going to be at £2.50) and a lovely dress for my daughter and the free throw all for £6.50 with the £5 off and free delivery.
Hope they come before next monday as we are off to sunny mablethorpe :roll:


oooh, got me free cups, they are lovely, thanx for the code

oooooooooooooooo you bought thong eh!!!...send us a model pic of you!!

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Hi, i was having trouble getting this to work with two codes and finally cracked it!!

What you have to do is enter the free gift code first (0738) and apply code, add gifts to basket. Then type in code 1088 BUT DON'T CLICK ON APPLY CODE! Instead click on update basket.... A Voila! both codes go through!

This worked for me just now, hope this helps someone else

Thanks to Azza87 for the tip,tried it and guess what it worked! both codes accepted.Thanks mate :thumbsup:
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