£2 off £10 for new customers @ BlahDVD

£2 off £10 for new customers @ BlahDVD



great thanks!
Thanks, ordered Peter Pan special edition/return to neverland & book =£20.99. Should keep my dad happy, he's 78...Your never too young!
Hi safandsarah. A big welcome to the HUKD forums!!!
do you have the actual code pls if it's still working - I used the link - preregistered for the £2 off but it's not taking it off my order
Thanks again Emma!
You can get a Wired Xbox 360 controller for only £15.99 with this voucher: blahdvd.com/bla…360
Not sure if this still works. It says "you will receive an email with your voucher code and registration confirmation" - but all I received in the email was the latter.
i think i had this once, i dropped them an e-mail and then they manually sent me one...
Cheers, have contacted them.
Got it for £12.95 then will get 5% on top of that :thumbsup:
Well, emailed them on Friday - no reply. Crap service!
Same here I only received the registration confirmation....
I must have done it before - they eventually replied and said I had an existing account with them (I don't even remember buying anything from them before) so I told them to close both accounts.
£2 voucher worked for me about 2 weeks back. Fast Delivery too.
I have called Blah to ask about this, she asked where I saw the promotion, when I advised HUKD she said it had expired but that as goodwill gesture would send me a code.
The amount of times I have rang up merchants and said HUKD & Quidco they are like who? Disgrace
Hmm well I havent had any voucher emailed through since I called around 30 mins ago.. will wait a bit but not optimistic! I think I might have another account/email address with them.. maybe its something to do with that

EDIT Called again and was told as I have another account and its per household they wont do it. Guess Ill have to register another household then ;-)
Just wanted to say that I ordered a QoolQee mp3 player and returned two faulty units to them (at their expense). They eventually gave me a refund (although I need to check my and statements), but the service I got was mighty fine.

I at least had a very service from them despite the shoddy product and will buy from them again in confidence. Just not oem mp3 players!
i got the voucher.... make sure you go through emmas link

£2 voucher worked for me about 2 weeks back. Fast Delivery too.

Not a problem for me, email received as soon as!
Expired, £2 and £5 offers.
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