highly NOT recommended. scam site


highly NOT recommended. scam site

Justifications of your bad reviews always help... calling a site a scam is not very helpful. Many people get great bargains from this site.

Emma is right, Empire are a brilliant retailer. Will not hear anything against them. Heck they swapped out a mates 50" Plasma for no charge "because it was too big". IE it was his fault, not theirs.

Dont like Empire very much but it is not a scam.

Will hold out for 10% again I think:)

would save £27 on £1400 TV

You can already get 2% back through Quidco.

2% - Now that's generous!

Empire Direct have sold me some great stuff at great prices

Scam site ??? with 13 high st stores and a good customer service you do not know what you are talking about mate give it up :?

worst company i have dealt with

Not recommended

also Voted COLD

2 % hehehe what a generous discount

I've only dealt with them once and they were good......got the Philips DVP5960 for £36 deliverd just before Xmas....was by far the cheapest price then.
Admit the discount is a bit useless but it's still something........

People should remember that Empire Direct fulfills a very important role, ITS GREAT! (for getting John Lewis to do eye watering price matches and getting a free 5 year warranty to boot LOL!)

Aww, 2%?! I'm about to make a big purchase, do you think it's worth holding out for a couple of days or do Empire not have decent voucher codes very often?

i'm the same waiting for a better discount - my bro already has the membership card so i can get 3 yrs guarantee - the tv i want is £429 so 10% would be great

the only other places they have this tv are dixons £446, curry and comet both £599 - so this is already a good price. will hold out till next week then just bite the bullet and get it.

^Ahhhh man, the 2% discount has now expired. I wish I'd ordered last night now!!!

Dishonest retailer as earlier stated steer clear of this company. Scam merchants. Advertise items that do not exist then deduct money from account and offer inferior product, this practice is illegal . Thats why.

Empire direct are brilliant - I have some excellent teles from there. I have a fridge on order and stereo system. It has saved me lots of money and whilst I cant work out the delivery charges exactly (why one is £15 and one is £5 when they are the same size) the next day delivery is exactly what it says it is.

I ordered a camcorder a few weeks ago, Still waiting ! I will not be ordering again from Them.
Will give it 1 more week and then will contact pay pal for a refund.

Still works!

1 x Panasonic TX37LZD70 £799.99
1 x Empire Direct EDXTRAFREE3YR £0.00
1 x Empire Direct VOUCHER £-16.00
Total excluding delivery : £783.99
Delivery : £25.00
Total including delivery : £808.99

Strange, just worked for me, but didnt a few weeks ago?

Thanks, still works...

Many thanks,
Just saved me £4!
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