20% discount on everything / 10% on electricals @ Littlewoods / Littlewoods Direct !

Get code & visit site625


Cheers Edi just used this and my £22.21 cashback on Nintendo Wii making it £12.98


This is a very handy discount code - saved me over a £100!! Thank you veryyyy much!!!

Thanks edi, I just used this on a £13 spend so looks like you don't even have to spend £50 (obviously the higher you spend the higher the discount though ! )


I just ordered my new tv 1080p panasonic plasma

List price £1099
Discounted to £799 (same as richer sounds!)
less 10% with this code (719)
less 9% quidco on ex vat price (about 55) (it better track, come on Quidco!!)
+ 3.50 deliverey

£667.50 for a Panasonic TH42PZ80 delivered!
(with interest free option!)

Beat that!!!


code will also work with great universal /empire stores
i posted 2 weeks ago
lol under great universal

Be careful with littlwoods codes, they have a cluase (2.3) which means if you haven't recieved the offer directly from them they don't have to honour. It will go through fine when placing order, but 10% off can sometimes later be removed.


THANKS!!!!!I just ordered my new tv 1080p panasonic plasmaList price … THANKS!!!!!I just ordered my new tv 1080p panasonic plasmaList price £1099Discounted to £799 (same as richer sounds!)less 10% with this code (719)less 9% quidco on ex vat price (about 55) (it better track, come on Quidco!!)664+ 3.50 deliverey£667.50 for a Panasonic TH42PZ80 delivered!(with interest free option!)Beat that!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

When you get your TV make sure you look at the price on the bill. Do not just use the confirmation email. If the price then includes the 10%off you should be ok. Hope it goes well

Thanks, saved me about £50. voted HOT!


voted cold because i hate littlewoods, :viking:

im getting code used to many times error, lol,but have used all there codes with great success,i haver some buy now pay later codes if anyone wants i will psot them.

think is nov08,feb09,may09

seen tv in cat 42 inch plasma hd ready digital tv. original price 899 i used this code and others on this site i got it on internet for 542.50 i rang to check before order and they gave me further discount as new customer got it for 482.50

voted hot thanks

Just saved 20% on my daughter's school uniform. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Thanks for this, just placed an order for Super KingSize Silent Night bed with 20% Discount and BNP May 09. Bed was originally £729 (overpriced) reduced today onsite to £579 and then down to £468.15 with this code...bargain!!!!, finally a bed lay on without my feet going over the edge, just, yipee!!! only down side is a 3 week wait for it.
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