20% off all orders @ Sports Direct

20% off all orders @ Sports Direct



Didn't work
Didn't work
why is this being voted hot it doesn't work!!!!! I've tried also
Not working here either!
Didn't work
Not working here
No working...
I’m really sorry guys I thought with it being such a generic sounding code it would work. It worked for me, it must have been unique use!!

I will try and delete
Thanks anyway
I've also been sent the same email with the same code and it doesn't work =s
Hi I just used this code at 4.35 am on 28/05/2018 and it worked !!! I got 7.50 ish off my order thanks.
This worked for me, my guess is it's only applicable if you've had an account a while and don't open emails as per the screenshot.
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