20% Off All Sennheiser Headphones @ Advanced MP3 Players

20% Off All Sennheiser Headphones @ Advanced MP3 Players


Many thanks for this. Looking to get some decent headphones myself. The cx95's look like the ones to go for at this price - £31 ish with quidco.

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Demon - It's a bargain at this price, taking into consideration that some places are selling these for under £80.

You may or may now know this, but the main earphone cord is only 50-60cm long, which is short, but they do given a 1m extension lead. I'm actually looking for a 50cm extension lead, but not been able to find anything so far.

Yeah, I ended up purchasing them thanks. From what I've read, the cord length was the only real complaint. Well that and the fact that the cable is symmetric (rather than asymmetric), but neither issue really bothers me. I also got some foam tips for (supposedly) better comfort and sound.

I assume you're looking for a 50cm cable because 1m is too long? It's odd that so many manufacturers make these same silly mistakes. I've had a look, but can't seem to find any. Well, I found one on an ]american site, but postage will be pricey. It might be cheaper to go to a hifi shop and ask them to make you a custom sized cable.

I'd recommend posting these as a deal though, you might get better response. I'd do it myself but wouldn't want to steal the credit.

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Cheers for the link. The sound is fantastic on these with the silicone tips, but I'd be interested to know how the quality is wid foam. You tested it out yet, and if so how is it?

As for submitting this as a deal, wasnt sure if others would have looked at this as a deal. But your more than welcome to post this a deal.

Not yet. They only got stock in today. I'm just hoping I got tips that fit them.
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