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Sorry for the original poster but this company is absolutely shocking. Last time there was an offer, I got it, I went through the entire checkout process, and it gave me a figure of x amount to pay (including the £10 off), then when I checked my card I found that without ANY authorisation whatsoever, they had taken the full amount.

I reckon if I had pushed it, they basically commited credit card fraud.

£10 off? Not worth the hassle.

By the way, this isn't just me having a rant because I've had a bad experience - this is all too common. I suspect many more will post here with their own experiences.


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La Redoute are NOT worth dealing with.
I've had all the issues Vibeone spoke about, but also La Redoute SELL your details to agencies for junk mail and the like.

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I'm Sorry that you've had bad experiences with La Redoute but i can honestly say I have been a customer with them for over 12 months and have never had any hassle whatsoever, Sorry again, Hope this is useul to someone.

They are completely useless !

I have tried to use them 3 times in the past.

1st time the order vanished completely after getting confirmation.

2nd time they cancelled the order because the item went out of stock after i ordered it.

3rd time my statement said the item had been returned to them by me, it never arrived in the first place. I'm still waiting for a refund !

Complete Muppets !!! :?
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