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Welcome to HUKD JoeConway

Another 15% cashback via Quidco.

Hmmm, why so cold?

[COLOR="Navy"]If you have problems with your order and get no joy from the AllPosters official returns procedure, then I suggest that you phone 02071831770 like I did. I had to Google this number because it doesn’t appear to be listed on the AllPosters website. However, it is clearly set up to receive calls from the general public because it has automated menus. If you’re lucky enough to speak to someone called Ilse Kyllönen then she’ll probably agree to anything you ask without any persuasion whatsosever, whether it’s a replacement or a refund. Her e-mail addy is [email protected]. Someone less honest than me could easily use this information to con AllPosters, by claiming that an ordered poster was missing, for instance.[/COLOR]


Hmmm, why so cold?

[COLOR="Navy"]As AllPosters discounts go, this one is pretty poor. Best to wait a week or two until they offer 40% discount and free delivery again.[/COLOR]


Welcome to HUKD JoeConway :)Another 15% cashback via Quidco.

[COLOR="Navy"]Don't you normally post these, edi...must account for 50% of your total posts, I'd imagine. [/COLOR]:roll:
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