20% off at Debenhams online!-20%

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does this code work for buying a lcd th worth £1000 and over.


lcd tv ... imean

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Hi prasanarch, i'm not sure. There are most likely restrictions to the use of the code (not sure what as yet). It might be worth a dummy run though

Great voucher, but it's soooooooooo expensive :roll:

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Thanks boydent :-D I do agree with you though Debenhams is a bit pricey!

Spent last 1/2 hour or so, whilst watching football having a look about, and tbh, even with the voucher, i can't see any bargains
Perhaps i'm not looking hard enough :roll: just i sooooooo wanna buy summat lol!

Don't let that detract from the post mind folks, and still have a look; perhaps i'm just tired

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just i sooooooo wanna buy summat lol!

lol ... you sound like you need some serious retail therapy ... hard day at work?

Lol, summat like that, long week maybe
Still, tis a new day soon, and it's weekend too

wow, xbox 360 premium + game is £449!!!!

how dare they?!

Debenhams is my favourite shop, but only in the sales! I recently bought a full set of Denby crockery with a whopping 70% off! This was far cheaper than anywhere else so it was a huge bargain.

The same happened with Le Creuset pans, they had over 20% off on promotion day and I scoured the net to make sure it was a good deal. I found other places selling at the same price, but once postage was added on, Debenhams became the favourite again :-D

Debenhams sale is brilliant.
[SIZE=2]Grabbed a leather formal shoe for £5 in-store (reduced from £50 or so) !!![/SIZE]


Debenhams sale is brilliant. [SIZE=2]Grabbed a leather formal shoe for £5 … Debenhams sale is brilliant. [SIZE=2]Grabbed a leather formal shoe for £5 in-store (reduced from £50 or so) !!![/SIZE]

No wonder if it was reduced if it was only one shoe Edi... :lol:

lol... I meant a pair :-D

Thanks for this Cat

Looks to me like they just put the online prices up by 20% before issuing this voucher! i.e. XBox360 CORE + 1 game £319.99 - Tesco are selling the FULL system for £260 with a £20 discount if you buy game of the week. Debenhams are just taking the p*** I'm afraid.

So did anyone use this in the end? And can you combine vouchers? as it says something about seperating them with a , ??
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