20% Off at FieldandTrek.com (+ Free delivery until 25 Sep)-20%

Get code & visit siteP42


where did you get this code??? can get quidco 7% too...

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[SIZE=2]Why, is there any problem in using it ?[/SIZE]


Nice discount edi, especially combined with the free delivery

code works fine (:

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Thanks Cat & Chuf :thumbsup:

nope, i just want to know where you got it. i dont want to spend ages on an order to just then be charged full price.

just a quick 1 if you do a search for the stormlite mini head tourch add it to your basket £9.99 then goto your basket box shows u the same tourch for £4.99 in another header on the page cant seem to get it though.... be a bargain im sure if u could (:

found it out ........... if u buy 2 you get the second for £4.99 ummmmmm sounds not to bad to me

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Thanks Chuf :thumbsup:

Hope it is helpful to someone

tried using the code but didnt work on this item............

definatley works on clothes items

yeh so edi where u get the code then ??

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Works on ALL FULL-PRICED items Chuf

May be that's what happened when you tested the code. Am I right?

ummm doesnt work on the tourch thats at full price £9-99 applied code no diffrent.? (:


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[SIZE=2]Code works on all full-price items. The torch is listed in the above image as a half-price item (may be full-price in another place) which is why the code didnt work.[/SIZE]

i think the get out clause is if u buy something we will give u the toruch at £4-99...if me reading and writing is wright (:
but it wont let u buy it - the discount at full price ):

[SIZE=2]where did you get this code??? i dont want to use a code and then, in a worst case scenario, get accused of fraud. don't understand why you are ignoring it...it's a simple request, please could you just tell me edi ?[/SIZE]

ryoooh whots the problem the code, works we all get the discount....:geek:
If everyone was to go into the ins and outs of where this come from ect ect then it would make for a very Complex forum.:shock:

Take the voucher use it :thinking:


Obtw you dont have to use the vouchers pay full price instead!!!!!!

ins and outs? no i dont want ins and outs. its a one sentence response. i just dont want to use a code that's been got unscrupulously and waste my time on the site when i have to then just pay full price if they refuse it. don't remember asking for your opinion on what i should do chuf, you stick to your own purchases and i'll stick to mine ! any danger of some info on where you got it yet, edi ?!!

Yo thought this was a forum if u dont like people giving there opinion then why come here? As all have said the voucher works whots the prob.........

In your previous post you were telling me, basically, how my opinion on this voucher is irrelevant. so why cant i say the same back to you ? your small brained attitude of: 'take the voucher use it' reveals an awful lot about your selfish character, i might be wrong that's just my OPINION. opinions are fine, just dont tell me what to do mate. again...simple q...where's the code from edi ?

ryoooh - Most codes posted we don't have the origin for so it is use at your own risk. A code like this that is only applicable to full price items with a minimum spend of 20% is most probably fine to use and they will be happy to get the business from it. Generally the only codes where people have problems is when they take the ****...like a £5 code with no minimum spend and they order something for £4. So it's a bit of common sense and in a case like this I think using the code by the terms listed is reasonable use.

ryoooh .
1st thing Im Not Your "MATE"
2nd stop using your mom and dads computer and Grow UP
3rd your a complete Mentula.

Ok that's it for this thread guys. Any more personal comments will be deleted.

Agreed !
Let's get back to some Hot UK Deals...!!

I've just seen the £100 rucksack that I wanted in Blacks. However,
FieldAndTrek don't have it on their website.

But.. have a look at the front page of Blacks' website.. they're offering
20% off nearly all of their prices, when you spend £75 or more.


Unfortunately, Blacks' website does charge £4.95 postage (FieldAndTrek
is currently free for orders over £45) but there are no voucher codes or
anything to play around with. The discount is automatic.

Oh, and you can get 8% cashback through QuidCo.

Be quick - Blacks' offer ends tomorrow - Friday 22nd September.

Anyone think that this is worth it's own thread, given that it'll
expire in a day's time..?

[SIZE=2]This code has now expired. They are giving an automatic 15% off all orders over £60 and you can't now use any vouchers or codes.[/SIZE]
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