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thank you

i used this code and although it gave me the discount on the confirmation email, when the order arrived they had charged me full price

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Any time i have ordered through littlewoods or lxDirect using a discount code i've found they show discount on the confirmation email, charge full price and then refund you the coupon value.

Its a very strange way of working, so just check your credit card crashgoddess and hopefully this is what has happened to you


i used this code and although it gave me the discount on the confirmation … i used this code and although it gave me the discount on the confirmation email, when the order arrived they had charged me full price

Do you have an accunt with LW.If you do you can check for the discount by looking at Latest transactions in your account details.I paid for 1 order by credit card,the invoice with the order showed full price,they charged the full ammount to my card but when i checked my account online they had also refunded the £20 to my card also.The other order i did on account and the invoice showed full price but again they added the voucher value to my account credit.
Thanks again to Lynsey.

i have a credit account with them but they hadnt knocked it off when i checked on there website unfortunatly

Nice one Lynsey,

Has anyone got any idea of the Minimum spend?
I'm looking to buy something for around £30, and want to make sure it will qualify for the discount.


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Hi ntaylor83, in lynsey78's post it said the min. spend is £20 or over so it should work fine on a £30 spend.

I would ask everyone not to make orders of just £20 though, make sure you have something to pay on your order otherwise they may just cancel.

oh no ive just checked again and they have credited my account with £20, i shouldnt have sent it back so quick, just my luck!!

Wow, thanks for this lynsey78

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Hi Roo and welcome to HUKD'S

typical i ordered a cd player a week ago and only had the £15 voucher!! millercat is there defo no minimum spend?

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Hi Leonie_2k5 .... i can really only say what was in lynsey's original post and that was orders of £20 and over, sorry i cant be more help chick!

i've ordered a bag for £23 and completed the order without typing in the code (i know i know!!) is there anyway i can go back and get the £20 off?

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Leonie, i've done this before too :lol:
You could either ring them up, cancel the order and start over again
Ring them, tell them you had a discount code you forgot to apply and ask them if they'll apply it to you order. If they wont do that then just cancel and start over!

Thanks millarcat, karma for being so helpfull

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Hope you got everything worked out Leonie ... and thanks for the Karma!

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Hi Roo and welcome to HUKD'S

Thanks for the welcome. Ordered a bottle of perfume with the code, came yesterday.

Got my Xbox360 Play and Charge kit for £5 yesterday.
Cheers op

checked my account today and the £20 voucher is still showing on my account,hope they leave it as i owed them some money anyway

It seems to have expired ;o(

I believe it expired back in April!
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