[FONT=Arial]I don't mean to be stupid, maybe I am sleep deprived but the terms and conditions on this item appear to include paperchase within borders shops right? but what does that mean? What in paperchase do you get the 20% off, everything?? if it is everything in paperchase that would be amazing because I haven't got my xmas cards yet and they do some amazing stuff.


yeah you can use it at paperchase too! aslong as its one within a borders store!

how ever silly it sounds is there any way i can find the price of books instore

i dont want to go to store to find it is cheaper on borders website (as it goes through amazon)

if you want a tip re. books at borders - see which author signings have happened in the store recently (if any) - and you might be able to re-sell those signed books as 'collectible' on amazon marketplace at a good mark-up. I bought a bunch signed by two popular writers last year (just from the shelves - I didn't actually go to the signings) and sold each of them for 3x what I paid.
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