20% off Coach Fares (Including Airports) using promotional code @ National Express

20% off Coach Fares (Including Airports) using promotional code @ National Express



nice one!
Works for Adults but could not add a child on
Doesn't work on the £9 deals they have at the moment, but it's pretty cheap anyway so that's not a big deal.

Works for Adults but could not add a child on

hello, did you manage to add a child in the end?
Whenever I apply this to a service they'll raise the price by 30-40% and then apply the discount.
Thank you so much! I just used this on a return journey from London to Cornwall and saved about £10.00.Really, really appreciate you posting this!!! I was about to give up. The funfare thing is confusing and if you select an outbound fair - the retun fair refreshes and increases. I emailed a query a week ago and got no responce and tried to call this morning - the phone just rang and rang. Phew - all sorted now. Thanks again!!
Thank you -saved £35
Any ideas when this might expire?
still working....thanx..
Still working. Got £30 off heathrow return from Nottm
worked fine for me too but they did send my email ticket as MR and not MRS so gotta sort that out now but the 20% off code worked. Many thanks saved me £30 ! thx again x heat added x
Used this twice now so thanks. Still working as of today
Worked for me today. Thanks OP!
Hi just used this code to get from norwich to stansted airport and saved about £14 brilliant thanks so much
Just used it to book a single from Bournemouth-Southampton - still working fine! Thanks very much
Still working! Thanks!
Worked for me. So'ton-Heathrow and back. Cheers!
Is this code for students?
is this for anyone or just students#
I've used it and we arent students
thanks... booked my tickets to heathrow from leicester return for 42 pound... good deal! so much more convenient than getting someone to drop u off
still working
just saved me £1.50 X) penzance to newquay, I know I know
well its £3 cheaper than the train
it only shows age options for up to 60 year olds. i'm 68, will this cause a problem?
still working...thanks OP
Still working

Still working

Un-expired and changed link to go straight to the page where you enter the promo code in first.
Yep, still working for me! I am a student, but couldn't see how to get the student page working. This code did the trick!
Just booked and code worked. Saved £13 so thanks!
hello. just wanted to say thanks for the code but i want to add, that it doesnt seem to work for airport coaches
still works (but not for open dated). £15 one way became £13.30 (including booking fee)
Thanks a lot for posting. Still eorks, however only for adults...
hi justb save the v20% of n e but bit bdontb saynbany thing aabout children it was 30£ from bristol birmangham airport dont know how to kids on
Still works!

Just saved me around £25 for some tickets for a weekend break to London for some friends and I!

Just booked 2 seat from London Victoria C/S to Liverpool Norton Street C/S for Saturday Evening 19th May..
At 5pm these tickets were £39:50 each ... now they are £58:00 each..
I used the BRISTOLUNI code and got 2 tickets for £49:40 in total including booking
fee and insurance.............
Can't believe it ....... Thanks so much for the code...........
Now heres to WEST HAM winning at Wembley on Saturday and making my daughter smile...
and to make the whole trip worth the money it's cost me.......lol....:p
Cheers OP, just used so it's still valid! Manchester Coach Station - Manchester Airport
Still works

Birmingham Airport to London Heathrow Airport Return usually just over £50, so I saved £10! Thanks!
Just used the voucher code above on 30/05/12 and it worked fine, 20% off return journey Birmingham Airport to Gatwick Airport for x2 adults - just like that. Great stuff, thanks
As at June 4 2012 (2:00am) the code BRISTOLUNI still works thanks!
Thanks OP ... still working!

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