20% Off code for Muji online

20% Off code for Muji online



Thanks for the codes tequila421!! I love muji! Welcome to HUKD
Thanks Emma
Looks like they mark up their prices by about 30%....
I've never even heard of Muji :?
Muji is a japanese store that is very popular in japan and has gained in popularity over here in recent years.

Its real name is Mujirushi and they sell everything from household items to kitchen accessories to bath robes

The odd thing is that they do seem to over price their stock. Which is not too uncommon, but they also put the price in yen on the item for you to see. So you can buy a pen, for example, which says 100yen (around 50p) but pay £1.50 for it !!!

Still, its a nice store
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