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20% off with discount code on Drayton Wiser smart products via Schneider Electric

20% off
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We'd like to offer you an exclusive 20% off Radiator Thermostats and Smart Plugs. Use code WiserSpring20 at checkout.

Whether it's the original single white, the new anthracite or the 3 pack pack of Radiator Thermostats you need, enjoy 20% off the range:

A great addition to your system. The Wiser Smart Plug boosts the RF signal across your home and allows you to monitor, control and set schedules for your electrical devices, all from the app.
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  1. Discordent's avatar
    The triple pack seems to be instock i just ordered it.
  2. Stevie--G's avatar
    me too! cool
  3. robo989's avatar
    Ummm, they said they'd love to offer current owners the voucher as I read it earlier
  4. Stevie--G's avatar
    Yeh the description of the deal isnt reflective of the actual offer. The main code is for Radiator Thermostats and Smart Plugs (the 3 pack was only in stock for 1 hour today ). To get the savings on the actual kits is basically refer a friend promo. (edited)
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    4 pack?
  5. julianporter5's avatar
    So a smart TRV is £48.99 from Wiser or £42.98 from Screwfix. Why is this a good deal?
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    Triple pack
  6. WastedWrath's avatar
    Triple pack was in and out and at one point disappeared from the shop for me over the last few days.
    Triple pack is back now and in stock so I've ordered.

    So far it's saving me 50p a day with just the 3 zone kit so I'm happy with that even though my real reason for buying was out of pure laziness.
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