20% off everything at Millets, Blacks, Freespirit, Mambo & O'Neill stores-20%

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Wheres it gone?

Original Poster

It works fine for me. Is anyone else having trouble seeing it?

Its back now lol


heat and rep... many thanks

I have trouble to download it. Please please forward one to me!:stocking:

I can't get the voucher either? Would someone be kind enough to forward one to me too please?

ditto!!! thanks

link for download is dead -set expire

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It isn't dead, I'm just having trouble with the hosting site. Bear with me..

Hi...dont suppose someone could email it me....would be forever in your debt!

This link worked on Saturday but printer didnt.
Now printer is working the link doesnt.
Could someone forward me a copy of this voucher too

Could somebody please forward the voucher to me as well please? Thanks

if anybody could send me the voucher that wpuld be fantastic! cheers

Can someone please send me this voucher too as I would like to get this deal?

Many thanks


Here is a link to the voucher:


I used this in a Blacks shop today and at first they weren't going to take it. I was asked where did I get it from and I explained that I had downloaded it and that it was not a photocopy and that I thought the site was a hosting site for Blacks.
They were still not sure and then the girl produced a real one from under the counter and asked me to complete the details on it. Got the 20% discount.

So, give it a try you have nothing to lose.:santa:


sorry to be a pain. I cannot access link. :x

could some body send me the vouchers

many thanks



Used above link..



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Hey all. Really sorry about the trouble with the voucher, I've now rehosted it on a friends website, and it should be fine. Never using Fileave again! Still a couple of days to use it!

Also, thanks Rog for posting a link too. Very helpful.

The blacks, millets websites have a big banner on them saying 20% off everything for today, online and instore.

So if you're buying today no need for the voucher.


Could someone please sent me the voucher as the site is not working

Ehm. Did you see the dates of the posts?

Welcome to the forum by the way!
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