20% off food at railway stations-20%

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nice1 t0m, ive added to your rep!

I agree - nice one t0m

Great find, sure to save me a few bob!

Fantastic!!! Since i travel by train every day, this will be a huge saving! Added rep

This is great, Thanks!

Superb, will have a free coffee every friday now!!! Thanks

thanks tom

Wow! really handy.

Strangely enougth it appears it doesnt work at London Marylebone's burger king unless its a mistake. Hopefully it does, as it will be discount chippys for me!!

This is very good, as I already have one as I work on the railway.
This was given to all railway staff at the start of the year and brings the prices down to a real world price!

Well at liverpool street the 99p burger king menu is £1.29 so this should bring it back in line with "normal prices"

Very good find thanks t0m

Useful...........thanks a lot.

Good one tom, very useful and practical deal :thumbsup:

Nice find, thanks t0m

[SIZE=2]Good stuff Tom. Rep given[/SIZE]

Nice find Thanks!

Cheers bud

Have sent for one for my son. Good find. Thanks!

Great stuff t0m, thanks very much.

Mine's arrived. Thanks

Mines also arrived too - dont know how long it will last as its only made of card but we shall see.

Thanks t0m.

[SIZE=3]Thanks for that, always handy to have since I get the train most days[/SIZE] :-D

thank! just got mine too

Just received an email about this at work. What a wonderful idea!!

Cheap Cookies, Cheap UpperCrust, Cheap BURGERS!!

My life just got 20% better!

Still available

Thanks to Waffles for the reminder

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