20% off Just Eat tonight only expires 7PM using voucher code @ Just Eat

20% off Just Eat tonight only expires 7PM using voucher code @ Just Eat

Found 4th Jul 2013
Just Eat offering 20% off takeaways tonight until 7PM. Use the code JEHAPPY202 for the discount.


Code only valid on card payments, can't be used with any other offers (including restaurant offers)
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What nobody see watchdog!!!!!! oO

What nobody see watchdog!!!!!! oO

No, what were they saying?
whatever they said on watchdog doesn't really matter. I used to order from the places on it before just eat started up

No, what were they saying?

Not a great deal. Some of the restuarants don't exist and are being run from houses & industrial units. Others were pretending to be in your area, but were another restuarant entirely.

If you know the place you're ordering from, there's nothing from Just Eat to worry about. Obviously food hygene passes are more your councils domain
Personally if you know the restaurant you are ordering from I don't see a problem either
So 156 restaurants out of 17000 were tested..so less than 1% of them all
Hardly gives a fair representation of the whole company does it!

"156 restaurants across six cities were checked out and in Manchester, London and Glasgow, we discovered seven restaurants that could not be found at the address listed on the Just Eat website."

I also dont see why hyguine issues should really be to do with just eat, if they are not fit to run then the hyguine inspectors should close them down as that is generally the idea of their job and what they get paid for.

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Heat added....shame I read the deal 5 mins after placing an order

What nobody see watchdog!!!!!! oO

Doesn't make a difference as most of the take away services all go to the toilet and don't use toilet paper when wiping their butts then go on to serve your food with that hand or in some cases spit their saliva in my sauces. So the tested restaurants have no effect on my decision anyway. I don't order from any anyway. X)
Will never use after watching watchdog!
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