20% off online using discount code @ Lindt

20% off online using discount code @ Lindt



Ooh tempting!

Loads of choccies arriving in the post when you are meant to be dealing with diabetes is ok... right?!
Choccies arriving in the post is fine if your diabetic. It's when they make the jump from the letterbox to your gob you gotta be careful.

Pavarotti had a sweet tooth and look at him. He was a fine svelte athlete going to enter the 100m sprint at the Olympics. Then he tasted his first Lindt bar of chocolate, kinda went down hill from there!
One box of Christmas bells for me, please!
Just applied this cpode today (16 November 2011) and it worked. Thanks
Cool, just tried this today (25th Nov) in combo with their free delivery offer (£40+) and it worked. That's the Xmas chocolates sorted
Used it today - Sunday 27th,
1.5kg of lindor £10 off anyway plus discount, free delivery still worked even though discount brought price below £35 - thank you!
Just worked for me! (Monday 18th Nov)

Discount worked, but postage was applied. Still a very good offer and my Fiance is going to love her nice big box full (120) of the linfor whice chocolate balls i might too :P
OMG cant belive i have just ordered that much chocolate. code still works and saved £8.76

hope my other half likes his 1.5kg of lindt
Code still working on 8th December Fab find and thankyou, I shall be a very happy bunny when these arrive from Santa on christmas Day!!
Just used code Brilliant Thanks.
Thanks, I ordered 3 kg of chocolate. Equally I need to lose about 3kg in weight so...hmm...
Still working today!
thanks, just about to order some last minutes choc gifts and thought i'd check here for code just in case, glad i did!
Still works as of 17th dec
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