20% Off Service and MOT. £99 down to £79.20 using offer code @ Kwik Fit

20% Off Service and MOT. £99 down to £79.20 using offer code @ Kwik Fit



Good luck with that. No for me after them ripping me off more than 500 quids to put my car on road. And less than one month later the car had a serious issue with the coolant pipe and I had to pay another 500 to fix it.
Drat. Had mine done in Nov - for a lot more
I wouldn't use this company. Had a mate who wanted new tyres. When he came back for car they said he'd need new shock absorbers and had poured oil down the sides of them. He told them off as he'd not long had nee ones fitted.. Rip off merchants!!
Rip off merchants dont bother with them.
I had a positive experience. I've been using these yearly 20% Kwik Fit codes for the last two years to get my Seat Leon 04 reg serviced & MOT'd. They've never forced me to get any work done in order to get the car passed for MOT - BUT only strongly advised me that I was close to my limits on discs and brakes. Saves me about £40 each time. I'll be looking to do the same in a months time.

And I got no nasty surprises after the job was done either. Thought I'd leave a comment since I've seen plenty of people on the web knocking Kwik Fit. But I suppose anybody who had a good experience would be happy and just not bother to leave something positive for KF! (Like me for the last 2 years!)
This voucher code doesn't work.
@Kai83... I too have used them for a number of years (MOT's & services on 2 cars) and have found them to be always courteous & helpful unlike some in other places (not kwikfit) Sometimes they have recommended that I need something changed, but I just politely say thankyou and tell them that I will certainly take on board their advice and get back to them if necessary. On my next visit, all goes smoothly! I guess it depends what garage you take your car maybe? Anyway, where mine is, it's handy & near my mother so I get to visit her while I wait I'll just be on the ball for any 'necessary' work they need to carry out as I've heard of lots of horror stories concerning them!

voted hot as i used kwikfit many times and been happy with the service provided
I used kwikfit before and with this code very much a bargain. I have had no problems with them in the past, the only thing I needed to buy was a light bulb. Thanks OP, got my mot, full service and brake fluid change for £162.00
I have a great kwik fit near me (stockport) so use them regularly - if you want to get ripped off, got to a main dealer!

This code also worked saving me £37 on the service+mot.

Just saved a few quid on FS&MOT.
Great - saved me £37. Thanks.
Code doesn't seem to work for me?
service your cars yourselves. if you ever see them in action, they never let all the old oil out of the vehicle and simply screw on the sump plug whilst the old oil is still pouring out. they hardly ever use the manufacturer specified oil either.
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