20% Off Some Virgin Trains Advanced Tickets with GR Code

20% Off Some Virgin Trains Advanced Tickets with GR Code

Found 24th May 2016
Did the Great Manchester Run at the weekend and got this promo code from the organisers. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for "Get Your Discount". May not work with some bookings, you'll have to try it and see, but 20% off their silly prices has got to be worth a shot. I booked returns to London from the North West and the 20% discount was applied both times.
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Thanks. Will check again when advance tickets for GNR are on sale
Worked like a charm. Thank you very much.
Thanks OP saved me a couple of bob :-)
can anyone use this code/promo or only GE participants/supporters?
Hi. Did you have to show anything extra to show you had taken part in the run? I've just followed link and got the discount on tickets to London. They won't ask for anything extra with the ticket will they?
Nope, nobody asked and I don't think the staff care. The ticket just says 20 discount, doesn't say why
Just saved us £50 on return tickets to Edinburgh
Just saved £37, worked no problem.
Worked just saved £57.
Still working! Just bagged first class tickets for a trip up to Edinburgh for the price of standard tickets
I might be being thick but i cant see anywhere on the Virgin train website, where you put a coupon/voucher code, to get any form of discounts? Can someone please help!!! Thanks ain advance. Cheers.
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