£20 Promotional Accessory Voucher @ Three Mobile-£20

Get code & visit site726


How do you get the extra £10 voucher, I clicked on add-on but there is no voucher shown, please describe the steps. Thanks

Yeah, can't see how you'd get the extra £10 one

Bump. How do you get the extra £10?


booked on 28th dec with HS28120725

I got it by just asking an online support rep if the free bluetooth headset was still around, and they gave this code.

don't forget Quidco and reccomend a friend!

another code for £20 voucher as of 07/01/08 - HS07010815

damnit, got the £20 voucher, but didnt notice you could get another £10

Can I just say though that Three have made it on to my ****list for their terrible customer service.

My Fiancee was with 3 then her contract was up for renewal so they offered her £23/month for 600 minutes and 200 txts which is better than her old contract so I told her to shop around a bit.

She did but then decided 3 was her best deal and went to their website to get a contact number for them, when she saw a deal for £19.50/month for 1100 text/minutes. She rang and said that was the deal she wanted, to which they responded that she couldnt have that deal as it was "new customers only".

What a crock!!! Whatever happened to rewarding customer loyallty, she told them to cancel her contract and she would sign up for it online. They then spent 20 minutes trying to convince her not to cos she might not get it and how they could do the same deal for £22/month, but why would she pay £3/month more than a new customer?

So contract cancelled and new one ordered. WD Three!

just emailed support asking a few questions about this deal, in particular for me the z610i (any hidden charges when cancelling / confirmation of 6mth etc.)

I'll post up the response I get.

All I get is the small box's coming for the code, no long box in which to post code. could someone explain."HS22020806" Thanks:oops:

Just spoke to 3 Network Chat Service and got the new Updated Code: HS14090828

thanks op
worked for me just now :thumbsup:

voted hot

HS07010933 - the code I received today

The code is HS03050905 i received today

The extra £10 just dont work

You can use this new code HS03081063 which is a valid code and will work in future for £20 accessory voucher code.
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