£23 off £235 at Apple Store UK-£23

Get code & visit siteR6Z


I've been able to use this code on the Apple UK Store, but it doesn't seem to work on the Education site (store.apple.com/App…nd). Do I need a different discount code for this? Any one have one?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

The codes will work in the Apple Store and the Apple Refurb Store. They do not work in the Higher Education Store for sure, and I don't think they work in the normal Education store either. There is a code box there but I don't think I've seen any codes for Education hanging around. It's possible to ring them up and ask though, say you got this code and it doesn't work, is there a problem? Either they will say no codes work or maybe they will sort one out Who knows!

Thanks for your help.

I'm going to just go with the normal store then.

BUT I'm only spending £219 so the voucher won't work (!). And the "£20 off £200" voucher elsewhere on the site seems to have expired. Do you have any more...?

Sorry to be a pain!

There's usually only one available at a time and £23 off £235 seems to be the norm these days. By the way if you find anything expired in the vouchers section you can click on the "Expired" link and then when enough people click that it will automatically be removed.

Yeah it's ex-VAT also so £235 is the ex-VAT price.

Edit: Scrap that, this is actually £235 inc VAT price. So you would need to make up another £16.

Original Poster

David, did you use this N1ABC65G5V code for £20 off £200?

The expiry date is some time in Sep 2006. If this doesnt work, as Admin says, top up your order to the £235 mark to get a discount.

I'm guessing that £200 is probably ex-VAT edi so his £219 isn't high enough as that's pre-VAT. So really the £235 is the better code here. If nothing else it's worth topping up to £235 to get the discount.

I just applied this code to an item in my basket and it deducted £20, not £23. Pedantic I know

Yes, I made this point in the Vouchers section but no-one seemed to update it

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