£23 off £235 at Apple Store UK-£23

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do you think it'll work with student discount? I am planning to buy a macbook before the end of the month.

Sorry but i checked a previous post and it seems that they don't accept it for educational discount.

I don't know if Apple honours it via the Edu store (don't really see why not), but if you have a Quidco account you should be able to get over £20 cashback on the cheapest model, and more than the £23 discount on any of the higher end models, if it's honoured.

hi, guys i wanted to no if i by a macbook how much discount do i get with a higher education discount apparently they dont ask for proof?????

You need to be a student in higher education to get the discount, or if you know someone who is willing to buy one for you they can do so. To get the HED you need to provide proof or be on a university network.

but how much discount do you get anyway

I found the Full Student discount (i.e via Student network) total price would be the normal price before Tax was added. So I'm guessing its pretty much 17.5% discount....if that makes sense! :P

Via the NUS site or via my university's network, I got about 15% off the MacBook + accessories. I didn't know about QuidCo at the time so I got Nectar points (via the university network as it may have been more tricky to get referred to the shop twice). iWork had a more significant discount (1/3).
You can just enter an institution name and town/city via the 'Apple Store for Education Individuals' but you are likely to get a smaller discount-perhaps 1/5 off iWork and 6% off a MacBook. By following this route, you 'agree to Apple contacting me to check my status. I will provide proof of my status upon request'
Certain items get no discount through the Education Store and the actual discount can vary depending on your institution (or so I read at the time I was buying).

[SIZE=2]question: where should I enter the voucher? I can't find anywhere... I want to buy 2 ipods Nano[/SIZE]

Steff - there is a box on the very final payment screen like this:

Promotion SavingsEnter Promotion Code:

But I've added 2 nanos to my basket and the above code doesn't seem to work?

But SSPMUZFR6Z gives £20 off...

[SIZE=2]where's the very final...?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]after you add your credit card details?[/SIZE]

Yes, the page after your CC details. Where you would click submit.

SSPZ9PSMR9 has an expiry date of 30/06/06

SSPMUZFR6Z expires 30/09/06

thanks charlie

Looks like the above one is long expired then... definitely not working.
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