£23.40 for Family Rail Card - National Rail-£23.40

Get code & visit sitey10
Get 10% off a Family Rail Card. Noramlly £26 which gives adults 1/3 off and children 60% off.
Be quick as ends 31 Dec 2010.

Use this link and not the one to the right.

Please note this is only valid on the 1 year cards. But they do offer 3 year cards.

saintdel - Nov 28, 2010 17:05 -
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I found out that you need to enter 'family10' as the promotional code
- choc1969


If you go to the family railcard site it gives you an option for a three year card at £65, worth it if you are going to going on a lot of journeys, also one year free YHA, great if you are not so rich like us.

how do you get the 10% discount ?

I found out that you need to enter 'family10' as the promotional code

Original Poster


Sorry link must have got mixed up. But the above takes you straight to the page. But only valid on 1 year cards.

My boy is just one-year old. Can I use Family Rail Card?

@Junian you can, but you have to pay for him as if he was 5+. Generally on any long distance fare, the adult price saving will make this worth your while. For shorter journeys (<£10), probably not worth the effort.

still works just used family10 now for 10% off
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