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Xbox One Console with Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare - 24/7 Electronics £269.99
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Posted 27th Nov 2014Posted 27th Nov 2014
Xbox One Console with Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare - 24/7 Electronics £269.99£269.99
Looks like you have to add the COD for £10.. bringing it up to £269.99 seems good to me... £5 DISCOUNT WHEN PAYING BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD

So I thought I would just post an update, I have got my money back through the Credit card company, Santander. Took about 3 weeks in total but was a load of hassle- really annoying. 24/7 electronics stated they would be back in the new year, clearly they have not been. I reported them to actionfraud which was then passed onto the local police. I hope whoever was behind this gets whatever they deserve in regards of fraudlent selling, no refunding anyone and by the looks of things, shutting the company down taking everyones money!


would you take 240


i spoke to them on the 5th i think initially and they said it was all done over the phone no form and that i should have it back by last friday...! Have since rang them about 3 times but still nothing as yet


Got my money back today from TSB. I phoned them at the start of the month when the trouble began and finally started proceeding Monday, nice to get it back.


again - seems to be Halifax just make this stuff up as they go along - no docs in post, you having now received emails with instructions....and in my case, after the umpteenth time, appear to have done it just over the phone

PS4 GTA V Bundle+COD AW £299.99 with discount (£304.99 without) @ 247electronics
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Posted 27th Nov 2014Posted 27th Nov 2014
PS4 GTA V Bundle+COD AW £299.99 with discount (£304.99 without) @ 247electronics£299.99
Amazing deal, £5 discount card payment makes it £299.99 down from £304.99 247electronics.co.uk Black Friday Deal (Apologies for the update, they changed the deal from free COD to… Read more

They went into liquidation early this year. :) Bunch of crooks, no doubt operating under some other name.


OK guys, remember: avoid 247electronics this year! Edit: Nevermind, they've shut down. ****.


It's a joke guess i'll be dealing with them over the weekend. I wouldn't expect Paypal to do this, perks of a store credit card ... never again


That is disgraceful! Mine was though PayPal but i'll double check anyway


I've just had my credit card bill come through and they have reapplied the charge of £299.99 as the seller is stating that he sent the goods. Is anyone else having this issue?

PS4 + GTA5 + CODAW £343.98 @ 247electronics.
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Posted 27th Nov 2014Posted 27th Nov 2014
PS4 + GTA5 + CODAW £343.98 @ 247electronics.£343.98
PS4 + GTA5 + CODAW . I purchased the GTA5 bundle from them on the 24th and received today as per photo. Back in stock and you can add CODAW for £38.99. Shared Via The HUKD App For… Read more

Like I said , I feel for anyone who has been let down.


Are you serious? they are the victims? and what are we? I want swear but I can't because I can get banned. I wish to have my week back, I worked for feed them, what joke!


Really feel for all the people that took the plunge. I can honestly say on their second batch I ordered and received within 3 days the PS4. I. Can only assume they are a victim of they're own success/deal and couldn't cope with the massive orders they received.


Hopefully they can be banned from Hotdeals now


The offer seemed too good to be true. My mate ordered his around Black Friday, had an email today saying we had 400 in stock but sold another 3000 because they couldn't get on the website. What a crock of ****. They didn't even apologise, just said take it up with the bank. I'd stay well clear in future, they've had 3000 x £350 ish sitting in their accounts for over a week before doing anything!

Kingston 32gb micro sd card £6.99 @ 247 Electronics
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Posted 23rd Nov 2014Posted 23rd Nov 2014
Kingston 32gb micro sd card £6.99 @ 247 Electronics£6.99
Got one last month for my moto g ran out of stock same day. Back now. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Every thing on website worth buying out of stock lol


Out of stock - boo hiss!


Today's item that fell off the back of a lorry in Birmingham is.........


ordered 2 - was tempted to get an xbox one with these guys earlier,,,


Great price, thanks for posting :)

Xbox One Console £269.99 Delivered @ 24/7 Electronics (£264.99 With Card Payment)
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Posted 20th Nov 2014Posted 20th Nov 2014
Xbox One Console £269.99 Delivered @ 24/7 Electronics (£264.99 With Card Payment)£269.99
Thanks to Tony863 This Xbox One does not include the Kinect Camera. Xbox One was designed from the ground up to be the centerpiece of every living room with modern hardware, the… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Message on their website saying all orders after thursday 27th been cancelled?


Any news from people who ordered the Xbox One £269.00 deal on black Friday? Seems legit but with no e-mail responses or phones being answered, should I be a little worried here?


Same price on amazon with Alien game if you are quick


If you need a second controller you may as well do the Tesco offer for £309 and also get a free game.


Got hit with this company before... think its a case of not stopping taking orders when they know they only have a few units... Not worth the risk!

PS4 + GTA V £304.99 @ 24/7 Electronics
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Posted 20th Nov 2014Posted 20th Nov 2014
PS4 + GTA V £304.99 @ 24/7 Electronics£304.99
I didn't trust the other deal at £269 and like many others, I'm regretting it. That said, £304.99 for this bundle is a god price IMO £299 with card payment!

Not received ps4 just been on there site and low and behold there's a statement saying they can't get them and they are giving full refunds but you have to claim it back yourself shocking just knew it was to good to be true !!!


so sorry but its all a big scam and yes iv been had too and i realy dont know wot im going to do


Are you aware that their Black Friday PS4 offer has over 2300 posts and counting…. The Xbox One deal only have 500 posts and counting though….




Just so u guys know, there is another thread with exactly the same deal that has alot more people following it, its has over 2000 comments so if there are gonna be any updates they will be heard first there. What has been heard there: There has been one reply from the director to someone who threatend them with police action, the email was regretful and reassuring and seemed geniune so i would get worried just yet, wait another week

XBOX ONE £269.99 at 247electronics
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Posted 18th Nov 2014Posted 18th Nov 2014
XBOX ONE £269.99 at 247electronics£269.99
Just wow.
Get deal*Get deal*

As far as I can tell no one has got their ps4 or xbox, or had a dispatch email. they won't answer emails or phones. They took my money instantly, I also ordered one from Zavvi they won't take money till its ready for dispatch. it's now Wednesday. My order says 3 to 5 working days. 5 days are up, not so much as a hello. Poor company, poor service.


How is it a con? Firstly it's stupid paying for anything with PayPal if you aren't confident about the site. They were inundated with orders. Log into the site and you will see that your Xbox is most likely processing. If you want to cancel just email them.


This is a con, I ordered it Friday and have had nothing since I payed through PayPal and am trying to recover my £269


I ordered the PS4 GTA5 bundle from the 2nd batch in stock for £305 through PayPal just in case on the 24th. Delivered today by UK Mail and all is spot on.I would post a picture but not sure how toWould post a photo but no idea how to lol. Address on invoice reads: Unit 5 Climax Works Station Road Durham St Stockport Cheshire SK5 6YZ


wont be long before the xbox one is in the bargain bin, the price is dropping like mad.

PS4 Console £269.99  + £10 extra with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare @ 247 Electronics Ltd **READ DESCRIPTION**
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014
PS4 Console £269.99 + £10 extra with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare @ 247 Electronics Ltd **READ DESCRIPTION**£269.99
I have an Xbox One but couldn't resist ordering one at this price. It may be an indicator of a reduction in PS4 prices all around for Christmas. Free delivery option shows 5 - 7 da… Read more
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just got refunded by sainsburys cc they said it was a temporary refund for 45days and if their card processor does not dispute it it will become permanent she also said that they had dealt with hundreds of chargebacks form this one deal looks like they made a nice few quid from this scam ,thats it for me never will i trust an unknown site again


refunded by paypal today. best of luck to the rest of you.


No refund yet. I spoke with Barclays today and they advised I had to file a "non receipt of refunds" case with them. This could take another 2 weeks by the sounds of it!!


I got my refund , showed up today in my paypal account as a transaction reversal. I opened the dispute and escalated it to a claim over two weeks ago but thankfully they appear to be using common sense as the "other party" didn't respond to my dispute so I've been refunded. Hold out guys , there is hope !! Just a pity it had to come to this , definitely more wary about HUKD after this experience !!


tomorrow is refund day. please let everyone know if you do get a refund so many of us can get a peace of mind

Kingston 32GB micro SDHC Class 10 Card & adapter £6.99 @ 247 Electronics
230° Expired
Posted 23rd Oct 2014Posted 23rd Oct 2014
Kingston 32GB micro SDHC Class 10 Card & adapter £6.99 @ 247 Electronics£6.99
I bought this for my Samsung phone, was delivered in a few days. Ordered another one, was the cheapest I could find it
Get deal*Get deal*

Mine seems fine. Test results Warning: Only 29711 of 29712 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 10.1 MByte/s Reading speed: 17.3 MByte/s H2testw v1.4


Both cards working great. Writing 10.73MB/s, reading 19.37MB/s Both Kingston Card Adaptor readers that come with it are working completely fine on my laptop too.


i used a different card reader, i had a kingston one which strangley woudnt pick up the card on my pc...i changed to a fuji film reader and it worked fine..


surely your card readers, sometimes switching between lock and the other does the trick on those temperamental card readers


Wondering if its my card readers,They are sdhc but when i put this in a camera its fine shows just under 30gb and takes pictures no problems.

Panasonic TX-P50VT65B 50" Full HD 3D Smart VIERA Plasma TV £1399.00 Delivered @ 24/7 Electronics
62° Expired
Posted 5th Sep 2013Posted 5th Sep 2013
Panasonic TX-P50VT65B 50" Full HD 3D Smart VIERA Plasma TV £1399.00 Delivered @ 24/7 Electronics£1,399
Another bargain!

Make sure you get a proper demo though. Plasmas always look dull next to LCDs in overly bright shop floors.


Paig: at richer sounds or at currys without the 5yr warranty but a free iPad 2. Pindi: I might just do that. :)


I recommend that you have a demo.


DokkoSep 05, 2013 quite fancy the TXL55DT65B for £200 more with 5 year warranty. Hear good things about this one though, just not sure plasma is for me. Where is it £200 more


quite fancy the TXL55DT65B for £200 more with 5 year warranty. Hear good things about this one though, just not sure plasma is for me.

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