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24/7 Fitness Student Membership £99/year (£8.25/month)
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Posted 26th Aug 2019Posted 26th Aug 2019
24/7 Fitness Student Membership £99/year (£8.25/month)£99
For £99 you will get full use of all the facilities and 24hr access for a whole year. Each of our gyms is unique, vibrant and vivid, with one thing in common - they’re designed to … Read more

The Kidderminster one works fine, no issues. Used to be fitness first and got re badged! No harm with checking the gym before signing up. Good deal OP


Where I live, all classes are included. And yes, everything is a bit creeky, but am not there to admire the paint work. Am there to work up a sweat.


Is this the Waterlooville one by any chance?



Honestly, for £8.25 a month I don't expect a lot and even with these issues i'd be tempted by this. Alas, there are none of these near me.

£120 for a Year Gym Membership at 247 Fitness
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Posted 29th Mar 2019Posted 29th Mar 2019
£120 for a Year Gym Membership at 247 Fitness£120
Normal price is about 20 a month this works out at 10 so really good price

Heat added. I really could do with a decent gym at an affordable price but these aren't anywhere near me unfortunately.


Good if there's one local to you.


How often are these deals?


None in London


None local to me either

24/7 Fitness student offer - £120.00 for whole year. Also £99 for 9 months for NHS & emergency services.
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Posted 24th Sep 2018Posted 24th Sep 2018
24/7 Fitness student offer - £120.00 for whole year. Also £99 for 9 months for NHS & emergency services.£120
£120.00 payment for the whole year, offer valid till end of September 2018. Works out £10.00 a month to live longer. A monthly rolling is £21.95 and without this offer the membe… Read more
24/7 Fitness £120 for a year's membership. Various Sites.
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Posted 17th May 2018Posted 17th May 2018
24/7 Fitness £120 for a year's membership. Various Sites.£120
£10 a month for 24/7 gym access is a great offer. Must be paid in full via PayPal. Have previously been a member of the branch near me and it's a pretty good gym with all the nec… Read more

Yeah, I'm already a member. Halifax is an old fitness first, the same equipment 15 years+


Interested in this also. Price is very good, and Birmingham is, in my experieence, a good site. Have been member of loads of gyms and the size/equipment ratio was about bang on. Of course people’s mileage may vary, might be able to ask for a look round before you go for the year.


Great deal, interested to know what other town's gyms are like, so many outstanding maintenance issues at Halifax, you get what you pay for though.


Would invest but not got one in my city :(


Thanks for sharing :)

1 Year Gym Membership from only £120! @ 247 fitness
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Posted 28th Apr 2018Posted 28th Apr 2018
1 Year Gym Membership from only £120! @ 247 fitness
A years gym membership at 24/7 Fitness from only £120 (edit: some gyms are £149 as identified by someones post below) . The offer is available at their gyms based at: Birmingham… Read more

Birmingham and Birmingham ladies are coming up as £149 so deal doesn't include Birmingham


might vote cold because i get it for 9.99 every month :)


I believe they have classes that you can join within the membership.


They will do this outside this time for existing members. (Halifax will anyway)


great price

12 Month Membership at 24/7 Gym's Across The UK
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
12 Month Membership at 24/7 Gym's Across The UK£120
12 month membership for £120 is a bargain.



I train at this gym and have for years. My lower body (i.e. legs) are not too bad if u ask me.


Well thats all your savings on other deals negated!


I pay more for 1 month at my gym...


Can vouch for that