£25 Discount @ Littlewoods for new customers only-£25

Get code & visit site379


[COLOR="Purple"]Is this for existing customers?! Thanks x[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Purple"]Is this for existing customers?! Thanks x[/COLOR]

Nope - just tried it.... new customers only.

its for 1st orders only!

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Im not a new customer!! I had this through the post so not sure why they would send it to me for new customers only!!! But I will change the post now. Sorry about that I thought being an exsiting customer they wouldnt send me codes for new ones!!

[COLOR="Purple"]Owwww *sniff sniff* :cry:;-)[/COLOR]

Not working for me even tho me & the wife are both new!

I've used it as a new customer. It worked at checkout but then they took the full amount anyway!
I've just called though and they are crediting my bank account with the £25, phew!
They were initially offering to credit my Littlewoods account - no thanks.

new customer here and didn't work for me :x
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