£25 off £50 @ La Redoute !!-£25

Get code & visit site758


Wow! that'll be a great discount if that works

Thanks Vicky


Oh i do hope this works :giggle: Thanks vicky :thumbsup:

i have just tried it and then emptied my basket before completing order but it showed up as code accepted and £25.50 discount

i will try again later when i have time to look through catalogue.
great thanks vicky

Word of warning on this one - this is a REFER-A-FRIEND £25 off discount code,
so they may be able to track these a bit easier than the general ones. I tried it
on my account, and it works, so good luck!!

FWIW, 4726 gets you free P&P off any order until 17th Dec.

hi, just used this discount and it showed as accepted in order then on email it states full price of goods. i don't think it actually works for anyone else. worth a try though..

I just used this code and it works, even on my e-mail confirmation!! Thanks alot!! :-D

Hi do you have to be an exsisting customer to use this code?? Where do you type the code in?? Please help me asap!!! Thanks alot!!! xxxxxxxxx

Just used this, placed an order for £52 so came to £27 with postage was £29 so quite happy with that, got myself a lovely skirt and top. and used a gift code to get a free am/pm cutlery set :roll:

just used this code last week and it works, thanks for posting, great bargain.:thumbsup:

does it still work now?

Do these lot actually make any money?!?

Hi Vicky just to let you know this promo code worked for me - thanks! I got £51.00 of stuff for £28.95. The free delivery code wouldn't work and either would a free gift but i'm chuffed with my £25 off. I got the 3 piece luggage set free with an order last week and it's lovely.

Fantastic code. I've used this four times, don't think theres a limit!
Thanks Vicky

[COLOR="Magenta"][COLOR="black"][COLOR="Magenta"]Just used this and it has worked gives new price and details of code inputted in my email so fingers crossed it will be the same on my statement.

thanks for brilliant savings[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

hi, im new to all of this, and never bought anything of la redoute before. I tried to enter this code whilst in checkout, i got to a screen where it asks how did you hear about la redoute, i presume this is the screen where you enter the code? If you select one of the options i.e. in a parcel sent to you, it asks for a promotion code, begginging RX or with letters not just numbers.. Where am i going wrong? Apologies if it simple and im just dumb, but i'm lost.

Any help welcome.

Thank you.

Original Poster

Hello and welcome :thumbsup:

If it's your first order you'd probably be better off using a 'new customer' code on the first one as it's the only chance you get to use them!

I've just had a look to see what you mean. If you just say you heard of them 'through the internet' they won't ask you for any advert codes.
The advert code is nothing to do with using promotional codes to get money off or freebies, it's just so that they know where their customers are hearing about them from.
Are you setting up a personal account or paying by card? I personally recommend the account, as long as you pay on time it doesn't cost you, you also don't have to worry about them taking money and putting it back on your card when you use some codes. Having a regular statement helps you keep track of all the discounts you've had etc. and check that you haven't been ripped off! I've had an account with for about 9 years, never had any problems and have always had loads of discounts :-D
I'm sure they'll be others that disagree though!

You enter the promotional code when you get to the 'review order' stage of check out. It will say Do you have an order code?

[SIZE="2"]If you have an order code, please type it in the box below.

Order code:

Type in whichever code you decide to use, probably best not to use this on a first order as it is a 'recommend a friend' code and might be a bit dodgy on a first order! Click apply code and your total should change. Sometimes you can use more than one code on an order. See other La Redoute deals, the towel bale's a good one for that as you can get £10 off and free delivery with that to.

Let us know if you have anymore queries, we're all happy to help

Original Poster

Forgot to say....I used this code again last week and it's still working fine. Goods have arrived and I wore my new PJ's last night:thumbsup:

Original Poster

I've just had a little look on your behalf and I can't see any decent 'new customer' deals anywhere. The only one I could find was 10% and a free gift Not very good really. The towel offer is listed as £35 or just go to
I've recentely used 4000 & 1191, codes expire all the time so read through the comments for tips. I got the free towels, £10 off and free P&P but check the lastest on that deal as that was week or two ago. Have you got kids? If so, I really recommend you look at some of the Vertbaudet deals, £11.45 ones especially. I've got a nice man who regularly comes to the door with free, yes completely free incl. delivery, clothes :-D :giggle: It's great:thumbsup:

hi vicky, thanks for taking the time to help me out!:thumbsup:


Fantastic code. I've used this four times, don't think theres a … Fantastic code. I've used this four times, don't think theres a limit!Thanks Vicky

it says on the voucher that has the code on it, valid for one order only


it says on the voucher that has the code on it, valid for one order only

this code is actually the same code used for everyone that introduces someone to la redoute. you can introduce as many people as you want but i would be very careful using it more than once myself. i have actually used it and have had it legitimately sent to me for use again. i am waiting for a short while before i use it though. i love la redoute codes.

Original Poster

[COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]I've used it 4 times now. I've made sure there are good few orders in between! I daresay I'll try it again in a few weeks :giggle: [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

will try this later...

Its worth clicking the link just to see that nice girl displaying the jeans :whistling:

Just used it & it looks to have worked. The email has come through showing the £25 reduction. Can people confirm that they follow through with this massive discount, has everybody received their goods?

Original Poster

[COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]Still using it with no problems, goods have always arrived. I use it on my personal account and on my partners account which is debit card. Never had any problems![/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

Ive used this code 3 times now and on every occasion received goods with the stated £25 discount. Also use credit card to pay.

Just used this and it appears to be still working!

Fingers crossed!!!!!!

the trainers are sized 39 to 47 how do you work that one out

n/m i found it (dodgy stuff)

Original Poster

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Just thought I'd mention that this code is still working. Have opened up an account in my partners name as well now to make the most of these fantastic Redoute codes. This code works through personal accounts and credit/debit card payments. Enjoy! [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Hi Vicky, I used this code last night and it still works - fantastic find Thank you


Just used this and it appears to be still working!Fingers crossed!!!!!!

Goods are now ready for despatch, and I got my invoice through last night showing my £25.00 saving!

Great stuff!

I've found some jeans I want but they are £49!!! Anyone know of an item that is £1 ish!?

Will mean the 8th October I believe!


I've found some jeans I want but they are £49!!! Anyone know of an item … I've found some jeans I want but they are £49!!! Anyone know of an item that is £1 ish!?

theres some mens t-shirts that are only like £4 each. Sorry but I think that's the lowest I could find.

Hi this code definately works,even on sale items.Thanks

Still seems to be working, even on sale items and there are some good buys. Heat and rep left, thanks to OP.


Still seems to be working, even on sale items and there are some good … Still seems to be working, even on sale items and there are some good buys. Heat and rep left, thanks to OP.

its not working for me on sale items?


its not working for me on sale items?

same here. first order got rejected because of the code so had to order without
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