25% off (almost) all UK rail tickets with First Scotrail - 4 days only-25%

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Terms and Conditions

1. This offer is only available for bookings made using the link below and booking tickets via the First ScotRail online booking system.
2. Discounted tickets can only be booked on 16,17,18 and 19 January 2007 by using the link shown in this email.
3. Normal terms and conditions apply to the specific ticket type purchased.
4. A maximum of 4 tickets may be booked in any one transaction.
5. Outward and return travel must be completed by 16 April 2007.
6. The appropriate rail discount will not be shown until step 6 out of 7 (shopping basket page) in the booking process.
7. Caledonian Sleeper, Flexipass, Season Ticket, Travelpass and Rail Rover tickets are not included in this offer.
8. This offer is only available to the recipient of the email and is not transferable. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other rail offer or Railcard discount, however normal child discounts do apply for 5 - 15 year olds.

see: send-data.net/fir…htm

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I think it is a marketing company that First Scotrail use to track performance of their e-mail marketing campaigns. This offer was received in an e-mail from First Scotrail and the ID field has been removed from the link to anonymise it.

A search of this forum will reveal the same company has previously been linked for similar campaigns..

Thanks for the explanation t0m

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I should also point out that the discount applies ONLY if you follow the supplied link. If you go directly to the site it will not be deducted at the checkout.

Thanks for clarifying t0m

Can't believe i saw this deal not 5 minutes after booking my train tickets to London!! Will cost me £20 to ammend therefore wiping out the saving using this voucher, so no point for me
Great post though, nice one Tom!

Used a similar offer last year when booking my airport tickets for holidays. Great company. Saved £50 - voted hot


Thanks for this great deal just booked 5 tickets for all our family for April and saved £12.00 on tickets to London from hertfordshire whilst on our easter holidays.



voted it hot

For anyone with a railcard you should be able to use the below method to get your railcard discount too - I go this method from a previous post on MSE, but this is my version that includes a couple of tweaks. I used it on the last Scot Rail promo and it worked. I don't need to book this time, but can confirm it does at least work up to the point of entering card details:

(Step 0. If you have used this offer, or a previous ScotRail offer, clear any scotrail or send-data cookies - I'm not going to go into the method to do this here, but maybe in another post if people request it, and clear your Internet Cache/Temporary Internet Files)

Step 1. Open up a new browser window at


Step 2. Search and book your PROPER journey that you want to take (including your rail card discounts) - basically do everything UP TO the point where you can see the ticket in your basket and you have the options at the bottom to 'BOOK ANOTHER JOURNEY' or 'CHECKOUT' (along the way you will have to register as a scotrail user, but that doesn't affect this at all, and you'll need to sign up to be able to buy tickets anyway.)

Step 3. If you want, book another journey again (and again, not sure how many you might be able to get away with) by repeating step 2 up to the final Basket page.

Step 4. STOP!

Step 5. Open up a new browser window and go to:


Step 6. It'll ask you if you were going to book anyway - answer No (hopefully that means they'll do more promotions then!)

Step 7. Search and book a dummy journey for this weekend (doesn't matter what, just pick a simple single journey like Manchester to Liverpool or something) and carry on up to the point where you can see that journey IN YOUR BASKET, TOGETHER WITH the first journey you booked in the other window. Now you should see a discount applied that is 25% off. You can now safely close the first window with only one item in your basket.

Step 8. In the window showing two items in your basket, you can safely remove the 'dummy' journey from Step 7, and your basket will now show your first journey(s) together with a 25% discount still applied. Proceed to pay as usual and you've made your saving.

Although I cannot use this this time, have used a similar Scotrail offer in the past. Excellent prices and tickets were delivered to my home very quickly.
Voted hot.

Many thanks for posting this! I've just saved £30 on my ticket to London.

Voted hot

Cheers for that.

Just booked some tickets. Saved over £27

Voted hot for this exact reason.


Excellent find - thanks very much! Just saved £4 on my ticket!

Thank you so much, I was going to go to the Station tomorrow to book ticket from Glasgow to Birmingham...cost was £74.50 or £78.00 first class so of course I was taking first class.
Thankfully I looked here first...First class ticket cost £58.50.
Well spotted.

Just booked a CHEAP DAY RETURN ticket for £7 from Edinburgh to Glasgow, fantastic!

Thanks - i saved £8.30 off my £33.20 ticket to London.

Thanks OP - great find.

I love First - i only travel by trains a few times a year from London to Holyhead and back so i always wait for one of these from them - they seem to be the only train company that offer these discounts.

Just remember to always answer NO to would have booked if no discount as it will make them more likely to keep this up.:-D

No reduction shown on tickets across London, as usual.

.......and you cannot use with any RAILCARDS!!!!!! I'll just have to stick to the 1/3rd off i get with my Railcard!!!

thanks 4 this. saved £6.20.

Thanks for this saved me almost almost £12 to get up to liverpool.

These are great,I've booked my Mum loads of tickets for when she comes over to visit me as she has 2 regular days each week.Only 90p a day saved but she over the moon.Roll on when they do the 50% offer again,hope its before Summer so I can get a few places booked to take kids out.Voted hot.

Brillian Post! Off to Watch Liverpool Chelsea at weekend and with this discount works out much cheaper than driving!

Come on the Reds! Great post


Just booked 2x London to Bristol, and am travelling on a peak time train out of London on a Friday for the Grand Sum of £22.10 return each.

Am hoping that First Great Western release the Apex tickets for weekend 9 March before this offer expires in 2 days time!

Keep getting a "Unfortunately your access to this resource has timed out"

Brilliant find just got swansea to carlisle return for £17.85 will definately be voting hot thanks again

Brilliant thanks so much. Just got my train from home to Ashford to meet Eurostar for our holiday to Disneyland.

Thanks and also to TOMT82, using your tips I have both Railcard & 25% discount! :thumbsup:

Darlington to Edinburgh Saturday Return down from £116 to £72.

Beats driving to the match too.


Thanks so much t0m! Just made multiple train bookings for this year - saved a fortune! :thumbsup:

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Glad you like it, been making a few bookings myself

Let's hope they do another 50% off link later in the year!

I just spotted this in time whilst in the process of booking a family trip to London and have saved myself a few pounds - thanks.

purchased 8 return tickets saved 30.00 pounds!!! LOVE IT!!! thanks a lot for instructions on how to use discounts:) lol....


Just booked some more tickets so save about £35-00 so far



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Last day today for this offer...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information...
Keep the info rolling...:thumbsup:

Thanks !!

Used this last year with my railcard, and it appears your tips have worked wonders again this year.. Just hope they deliver the tickets now !

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just got my last orders in


Got all my tickets delivered this morning, well chuffed


I booked a few journeys last night. Apparently without problem. Booked for tickets to be picked-up at amy local Fast-Ticket machine. However I noted that there was no Fast Ticket reference number shown on the confirmation form.

Just phoned the Scotrail support number. They say that they have no record of my bookings, even though I've got all the printed confirmations. Doh ! :-( The Trainline, the outfit who actually handle all the various on-line booking sites for all of the TOCs is pretty useless IMHO. I've had several things go wrong with several different bookings over the years.

Oh well, here's hoping that the next Scotrail offer gives the 'full' 50% discount, and also includes the Scotrail sleepers:-)

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