25% off EVERYTHING @ PCTools (Spyware Doctor)

25% off EVERYTHING @ PCTools (Spyware Doctor)


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Spyware Doctor usually

£19.95 - 25% = £14.97 for 1 computer licence

Special offer £25.95 for 3 computer license

£25.95 - 25% = £19.47 for 3 computer licence

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Sorry you need to add VAT

Good link. I have read many good reviews of Spyware Doctor which state that it manages to detect and remove spyware that other software doesn't.

However, when I used it it seemed to slow down my system in certain areas, for example starting Internet Explorer, to such an extent that I uninstalled it and went with a combination of freebies: Ad-Aware, Spybot and SpywareBlaster. Again, I'm sure this is a good product, on the whole, but it didn't really work for me.

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This is an excellent product in my experience, and protects you in internet explorer, firefox, MSN messenger & skype (to name but a few).

I haven't experienced it slowing up my system but of course if that happened to you then you're wise not to use it. Many friends / family have purchased Spyware Doctor in the past and they have found it to be excellent.

It updates every weekday and removes spyware which is not detected by "freeware" or "shareware" antispyware products.

PS I do not work for PCTools LOL

My spyware doctor license cost £11.04 including VAT, originally it was a freebie off of a computer mag, I registered the freebie online and when the 3 month license was about to run out they emailled me with the renewal offer of £11.04.
I assume it was cheaper as it was a renewal not a new purchase.

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Yes when your subscription is about to expire, they contact you with a cheaper offer HOWEVER this can only be used to extend your subscription.

One year there was a discount code available which made it cheaper for me to buy a new subscription than extend the old one. I don't think that's the case here, but for anyone who doesn't use this yet (and has multiple household PCs) the 3 computer license is a fantastic deal!

The 3 PC offer is good one (and I have voted it hot) but for a single PC I would suggest downloading the free trial fully functional program from their website and then wait for their renewal offer.

I agree that it really slows down your PC. Installed this the other week, and it found a lot of stuff (none of which was really doing any damage and hadn't resulted in any problems). But I have to switch if off most of the time, because it just takes up too much memory.
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