25% off Family and Friends Railcard-£19.50

Get code & visit site25
Get 25% off a 1 year Family and Friends Railcard.

To get the discount, enter code PIZZA25 in the promotion code box, which will bring the price down from £26 to £19.50.


Thanks. This was mentioned in another post but that didn't have the code in it. HOT

Original Poster

Yes I saw that and just guessed at the code.

Took a few go's but soon got it!

Cool! (_;)

Pass me that spliff in your avatar please.

This isn't working for me???

Original Poster

I've just tried it again no problems.

Excellent deal just picked up a card

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Pass me that spliff in your avatar please.

There you go lad....there's plenty to go round

who wants it next?

A really great deal, and definitely a worthwhile investment for any family wanting to get out and about over the summer holidays.

I bought a 16-25 rail card just a fortnight ago and have already saved more than £40 on ticket purchases, so these things pay for themselves in no time at all.

good deal

Very good deal.. just renewed mine.. heat added.

Great deal.... thanks Heat added

Tempted to buy but would need to borrow a kid to be able to use it though:(

paimaams.. its a shame they dont do frequent traveller railcard, bit of a con really, especially when you haven't any kids - although you're welcome to lend ours, in fact we'll pay for the railcard for you lol

Got ours for £13 about ten days ago.

Remember when you get to your destination you can use the railcard again to get money off Plus Bus tickets which are basically cheaper than normal day rider tickets for the buses in the town your visiting.

You can also use the railcard to get money off London Travelcards. I went to London last week with my 8yr old son and even though kids under 11yr travel free in the capital it worked out cheaper to buy me a 1-6 zone Travelcard for £5 and him one for £1 than just buying a regular adult one for £7.50 without the railcard discount.

Excellent, mine was due to expire at the end of next week.

any codes for the 16-25 travel cards?

Excellent - ordered one thanks OP this will pay for itself twice over on my first journey.

H&R added Ta,

Hi - how did you get the 50% discount ? I got this last year through one of the national newspapers and wouldn't mind renewing. Any codes ?


Does the card arrive well within the 5 working days it states ? Am travelling next Saturday so maybe cutting it fine
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