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You also get [COLOR=red]£10 off[/COLOR] on Schoolwear (works on a order of £40) and the code gives an additional discount to sweeten the deal further.

Please post if you find anamolies


Excellent find edi, just in time for the last minute school preparations! http://www.cheatsws.com/hukd/1.gif

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Thanks Cat :thumbsup:

If the code provided here doesnt work, follow the link below to get your OWN 25% discount code. Just provide your email ID.


You have to answer one question though, which is:

[COLOR=red]What are the Beckham's children called?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Anyone ????[/COLOR]


[SIZE=2]Baby Beckhams are Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.[/SIZE]

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:-D :-D :-D

Thanks Nogbad
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