25% off + FREE Luxury Holdall & Trolley Bag Travel Set (no min spend) @ EmpireStores !

25% off + FREE Luxury Holdall & Trolley Bag Travel Set (no min spend) @ EmpireStores !


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Sorry about the image quality... best I could get without flash



Thanks edi a very good discount, great savings to made especially on larger items! The bag set will always come in handy too :thumbsup:

Be aware that if you don't like junk mail then don't order from these.The constant stream of junk mail from these is crazy.

Thought about getting a DS lite with this offer until i checked the catalogue.
£159.99 for a DS lite and 1 game ( Cars - which even they sell at only £24.99)
So they are charging well over 25% above RRP..

It can work out a good offer on certain items. Some of the white goods are not so overpriced. Always check the price elsewhere though.

just ordered a bed sheet £3.99 thanks!!!!

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Thanks Cat :thumbsup:


Be aware that if you don't like junk mail then don't order from these.The … Be aware that if you don't like junk mail then don't order from these.The constant stream of junk mail from these is crazy.................Always check the price elsewhere though.

Junk mail... hard to avoid these days Personally, I wouldnt bother ordering anything other than what mrtigertony did :giggle: to take advantage of the Trolley Case offer.

expensive site as it is, saw this and thought 'yayness! cheap xbox 360!' alas, no. Their cheapest is Xbox Premium + Fifa 2007 for £370!

i find empirestores to be the cheapest site around, they always have a sale on and prices start from 99p, and they have so many free gifts & discount codes, my fave catalogue for low priced stuff!

You serious? Even with 25% off their electricals are expensive, even Currys undercut them!

Shame really, sounded like a good deal but all their prices seem to be at RRP

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I have never found a bargain @ empirestores so far. There are quite a few items under a fiver and using the code you can get 25% off + Free delivery + the travel set for Free

Why by anything electrical?? I thought the point was to find something cheap just so you could get the freebie?? They sell 99p cushion covers, 99p for a cushion cover and holdall AND trolley bag sounds good to me!

Where does the code go?

Order Code ?
Advert Code ?
Gift Code ?

Tried in all of these and it doesnt work.....

Order Code I think

There should be an infor box to the right of the page where those fields are ;-)

Thanks for this edi by the way

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welcome Ray :thumbsup:

Yup... its the order code

only ordered an england flag for .99p

Hope this works......1st time buyer there so how do i check on the order...cant login cause i dont have account number.....plus never gave an email as i dont want their junk mail.

Is there any MOV on this? Just at checkout and the bag set has added but not the 25% discount

I would avoid empire stores at all costs..The amazing offers they have never materialize..I am still waiting for my trampoline
The codes wont show up on your invoice and they then open up a catalogue account for you which you dont want. A few days later never ending junk mail landing on your door mat.:x

I tried last week and they charge you the full amount but then create a catalogue account for you, the discount then goes in to your catalogue account. They also never told me my order was cancelled...I had to chase them up..Hate that..They should show some courtesy and chase up the customer.

I am a regular customer of Empire Stores and I ONLY buy from them when things are ridiculously cheap or free.

They are a total joke of a company, take weeks (sometimes months) to deliver, the couriers are useless and the customer care are rude.

The only reason I order freebies from them using £10 or £5 codes is that I used to work for them, they rip a hell of a lot of people off and I just want us all to take some of it back!

Can any one answer this question for me?
I've just tried to order a freeview dvd recorder for my mum using the code but it doesn't come up with the discount, it shows it at full price, I am an existing customer so does this mean I can't use the code? It does however say I get the free gift!! but i WANT the discount

thats funny, i have ordered loaaaaads from empirestores and i get it delivered within 2 days, almost all of the order codes i have used are applied on the confirm order page, if they arent there, i submit my order and email them asking to apply the code, if they refuse i simply click on request a courier who takes it back within a day or two, great service, excellent delivery

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As I said earlier, order items that are only chea cheap. I have ordered from them before and never have had any problems. Gifts might take some time to deliver.

FREE 48h delivery & Free returns

25% discount + Free luggage set + Buy now Pay July 2007 - order code : PM0149

Hi, I've tried both codes but no luggage set showing. Can anyone help? I'm a new customer and have tried registering as paying by credit and again as paying with debit card but it didn't make any difference.

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No luggage set will show when code is added. As long as you add the code correctly, you should get the Gift. If paying by Credit or debit card, use the Order Code in original post or the one post #23 to open an account & receive the gift (account opening is subject to credit clearance)


i'm going to open an account before trying to use this, that way if it doesn't turn up or i don't get the freebies i can cancel the order/ send stuff back and not have to chase up refunds.

If you pay by card and then return things the moneys likely to be credited to your empire stores account rather than your bank.

Thanks for the help edi, I appreciate it. I've just placed an order and I've got the free delivery so fingers crossed on the travel set.

I LOVE this site.
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