25% off Links of London - TODAY ONLY-25%

Get code & visit siteARM
Am sure lots of people are buying the sweetie bracelet charms for their ladies this year, a little late in the day for me as I bought all mine weeks ago

25% off everything on the site - today only.



Sorry your Promotional Code was not recognised. not working.

I cant get this code to work :o( Tried with only charms and with charms and bracelet

Brilliant code if it starts working or maybe i am doing somthing wrong!!!

Not working.

didn't work for me either unfortunately - Code Not Recognised

nope code doesnt work


wodnt work for me!!

Original Poster

Yes, that was it, I got confused and thought I lived in America?!

Sorry peeps, seemingly now not working. Was passed to me by a friend of a friend who it worked for this morning - it was posted here previously:


I went into the store next to our office here in Holborn and was told that they have been briefed the code is only valid for the US.

Original Poster

o.k, to appease the people interested in Links and not found any joy via this link - A little tip is to call their shop at Bicester Village and they can tell you over the phone which sale items they have in stock - sweetie charms are usually around £20 instead of £45.

Not for everyone as I know some HUKD'ers struggle to do anything for themselves that isnt online.

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