This one also appears to have a min £500 spend... Warmed you up a bit though


Thanks for these GeNOc|DE Money off is always welcome!

Do they work for the flight only as well or just for holidays?

I have been trying all the various codes for the last few days for a summer holiday 08 to Corsica without success. The price thomson.co.uk was giving for the holiday was £1706.

I then decided to phone the call center from the website to see if it would come through cheaper. The lady at the call center advised as I had two children with us it would be cheaper to class them as adults for the hotel so we weren't getting charged under occupancy charges (apparently each child is classed as 0.5 people; therefore in a 4 bed room they classed us as only using 3 of the beds!! stupid eh!:x ).

Anyhow the moral of this story is I have managed to get exactly the same holiday through the call center at Thomson (0870 165 0079) by classing my children as ADULTS for £1384. (a massive saving of £322!!!).

I have been promised by the representative at the call center that this is totally legal / allowed; therefore give it a go if you have got kids, you never know!!!:thumbsup:
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