250 Extra Ponits when you next shop at TESCO Direct

250 Extra Ponits when you next shop at TESCO Direct


Not working for me

Nor me

I was actually sent this voucher in the post and it's not working for me. Not recognised without the hyphen, however the error code when the code was entered with the hyphen said


Sorry, the code ‘TDXR-MBPA’ could not be accepted as you do not qualify fo … Sorry, the code ‘TDXR-MBPA’ could not be accepted as you do not qualify for this promotion. Tip: Please ensure that your account has your most up to date Clubcard details set in the ‘My Account’ section to ensure that we verify your details correctly. Ref: EC1007

At the same time, I couldn't get at my clubcard balance, so maybe the system is a little messed up at the moment.

I will certainly be onto Tesco about it if it doesn't start working

I had the same problem....so I phoned up today and the chap on the phone said they'd had trouble with this voucher as it wasn't activating on the system, he said he' put me the 250 points on himself. :-)

this hasn't expired.


this hasn't expired.

Same here,this worked fine for me....i only spent £20 and got 270 points thanks to this code.....can't vote as expired...:thumbsup:
left rep though


Unexpired as still working for some members Thanks for the headsup hotscot


Does this voucher have a name on it?

They want to see a scan of it to give me the points, if it doesn't have a name on it can somebody scan it and put it on the forum.


no good for me either

Not working for me either

This has just worked for me on the cheapo tesco simcard.

Order Details
Your order: standard next day delivery
Next day delivery available if ordered before midday in most areas

Product Price
Subtotal £2.47
1 x Tesco Mobile Extra SIM £2.47

Description Price
Total delivery chargefor this order is £4.85
Subtotal after deliveryfor this order is £7.32

Discounts & promotions
Description Amount
Subtotal after discountsfor this order is £2.47
Free Delivery on selected SIM cardsfor this order is -£4.85
Triple Clubcard points on Directfor this order is 4 points

Description Amount
Subtotal after paymentsfor this order is £2.47
250 Extra Clubcard points on Tesco Directfor this order is 250 points

Card Payment £2.47

Clubcard points earned* for this order is 256

HAHAHHAHAHAH they paid me to take it off them every little helps LOL

Should of really said, I did try to use this on the day I recieved it but it didnt work. I then rang up to complain and they said they would add it, which i think they did. This has still worked though now, even though its been manually added before.

Its worth it for me though as im saving up for a holiday and the more I can save in these deals the better as i'll have to pay in cold hard cash for the shortfall i'll have in deals vouchers.

Nice 1 just used!

Heat and rep added!

This code is targetted... wayaroung --- go into any tesco store, pick up a TD Catalouge and scan it with your clubcard, it is free and you will get a till spit with this code on and it will work.

dont use quick pay tills tho, they dont do till spits i dont think

I just checked on the tesco website, it will not work until the Club card online vouchers is activated. i just activiated it on my card but looks it will take some time to become usable. anyways good deal( for whom it works) heat added

nice one,worked for me
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