3 months for the price of 1 @ LoveFilm !

Get code & visit sitelta


3 4 1 cant be a title

Amending now..


There is another code out there for 3 months free.

i voted hot as this is great, and as a new poster there is no need to punish by voting cold. that just silly.


There is another code out there for 3 months free.

I thought there was, but wasn't sure :thinking:

the 3 months for price of one is for returning customers as i had a few emails offering this deal

im a paying customer (3 months for 1 returning) and im treated better now than any free trial ive had. with free trials (and even my movie streams 3 for 1) i got lots of the titles at the end of my lists - so far with lovefilm its all been my top most wanted titles.

also if i send a dvd on monday, they have it tuesday and have another posted out, and i get it wednesday. perfect turnaround times.

ive been with them 6 weeks and have 6 weeks left and have had 24 titles. thats 25p per rental average so you cant say fairer than that for all the new release films.

ive learnt though that once a trial is ending (or a 3 for 1) sometimes (not always) if you list that you are ending the trial to go to a fewllow company, they offer you another good deal (maybe 1 more free month, or another 3 for 1).
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