£3 off £30 / £5 off £50 / £7 off £75 using voucher codes @ Maplin

£3 off £30 / £5 off £50 / £7 off £75 using voucher codes @ Maplin



Thanks, had to buy a 12p capacitor to bring up my order from 49.99 Lola and got £5 discount. Cheers op
Thanx for the code. I just saved £7.
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the voucher code says hotukdeals on it, has this been generated for hotukdeals?
cheers just got £7 off ;-)
I didn't know about hotukdeals.com before. I was shopping at Maplins online, just about to pay, when they asked me, "Do you have a voucher?". So a quick search brought me here, and you just saved me £7. Cheers!
Great, just saved £7 on an already well priced i7 3770.
Worked a treat for me today (8/3/13).

Got £5 off a Radio. now it only cost me £65,

Minelect 2.2uF 63V is only 9p, managed to save £7 for some memory for my husband which was £74.99 so this pushed it just over to £75 and a £7 saving, great stuff!
Thank you so much, for posting this!!!
May 1st - Still working!
Still working, just got £5 off!
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