3% off tyres at mytyres.co.uk-3%

Get code & visit site907


Thank you, just saved 20 squid with code on a set of Toyos. Thanx.

They are already the cheapest this code makes them cheaper, voted hot.

They are £6 more expensive per Michellin tyre after discount than bestbuytyres. Cold in my case sorry

I just saved 16,95 GBP on four Goodyear Ultra Grip 195/65. Hot!


I just saved 16,95 GBP on four Goodyear Ultra Grip 195/65. Hot!

Welcome to HUKD himikewelsh

Fantastic code - makes the cheapest supplier out there even cheaper!
Cheers :thumbsup:


Welcome to HUKD himikewelsh

:thumbsup: Thanx.


Thanks Zedmeister :thumbsup:

Welcome to HUKD's richard_streeton & himikewelsh

Hi Millarcat :-)

Code still works saved 3% 25th March 2015 !!

Original Poster

Wow - talk about reviving an old thread! Glad its still helping people!

Yes it's probably the oldest thread to be revived. Thanks !
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