$3 off voucher @ Threadless.com (t-shirts)

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Can you stack? I've got a $15 coupon already. Could use a hoody.

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No idea mate...never tried to stack...and with their prices, I'd almost feel guilty!

:whistling: Does that mean its only £1.50 discount??

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Yeah...but the t-shirts are only £7.50 before delivery! What do you want...blood???? And sometimes they have a $10 sale...

And for every shirt you buy you get $1.50 back by taking a photo of yourself wearing it. Used to be $3

I wouldn't feel guilty, they ship 300,000 shirts a month, hardly a small company.

Unfortunately, even with the voucher you can only buy 2 t-shirts per order to keep under the VAT limit. I made the mistake of ordering 3 at $15 each, and would not have minded the £4 VAT much, if it was not for the extra £8 charge made by the Post Office!

Just another thing, they do have T-shirts for $10, but only one at a time, and when it is sold, they do another. So if you see one you like, you have to buy quickly.

The link is: ]http//th…tee

voucher doesn't work for me. what should i do?

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Your order must come to over $15 I think...sorry, should have put that in the original post.

Buy three now as they're down to $10 each - all of them.

Didn't work for me, and while I was trying to use it, one of the t-shirts I wanted sold out


Just so you know - this code still works!

Just tried this and it still works

Just tried it and it didn't work.
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