30 FREE prints in Photobox until 22/05/08, Grab it!!-100%

Get code & visit siteITE


Hmmm not having much luck with the code i tried copying and pasting and typing in lower and higher case but still i get "[COLOR=red]You have entered an offer code which has already been entered or is not valid. If you have already entered your offer code, then you don't need to enter it again." :cry: [COLOR=Black]i'll try again tomorrow later on too see if it works then i suppose and i never got a email even though im registered with them :?[/COLOR]

I signed up and its letting me have 40 free prints

Thanks, it worked for me!

Just tried again and still no luck is this a new customer deal im trying it against my account i have with them ?

Must be new customers only, it didn't work with my existing account.

Just gone to order and I'm not sure whether the payment page is secure, can anyone confirm, I can't see a padlock anywhere

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Must be new customers only, it didn't work with my existing account.

Well, as I said I received this from Photobox; which makes me an existing customer doesn't it! :thumbsup:

ah just noticed that the "Go to deal" link it takes me to different address to the old Photobox site that ive gone to from my favourites only problem is that new site wont accept my current login details and when i even try to get password sent get told email isnt registered yet im logging into old site no problems :thinking:

Obviously this deal must be for the new site only which as mentioned wont login to my old account which i have some credits left and phot albums saved there so i'll make a new account on the new account and have 2 accounts each for each site lol :roll: good deal pity Photobox needs to re-register to get it too work

Great site. Ordered my photos yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning, couldn't believe it when the Post Man arrived! Must say though that some of them weren't great quality, but that could have been from my camera, strange though as the others were perfect!

The last lot i had from Photobox was abit mixed quality some appeared dark compared to others i tend to prefer Truprint myself but as there free photos you cant exactly grumble about i suppose Truprint are doing a 4p per pic deal for upto 50pics atm

Just tried to use it and it says this offer code has expired
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