30% off £90+ *Jan 2018 code* @ Ironmongery Direct

30% off £90+ *Jan 2018 code* @ Ironmongery Direct

Found 9th May 2017Edited by:"pcs7038"
30% off
Expires 26 Jan
The Jan 2018 code is a may be targeted, so apologies if this doesn't work for you.
The good news is that there doesn't appear to be a minimum spend with this one - they usually need spend of more than £75 + VAT (=£90).

New codes seem to come out about a week into each month - please don't mark as expired if the date has passed - I will update with the latest code.

Several people have reported that these codes are for existing customers only. If you haven't bought from them before, you may need to create an account, then fill your basket, and only then apply the code.
If you find that this code doesn't work, try some of the others mentioned in the comments.

Full-priced items only; maximum 5 of any one item
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Didn't work for me, even though I previously registered on the website (although hadn't placed an order before).
Did not work for me either. Have been buying from Ironmongery Direct for a few years and noticed that recently the prices have gone up while the discount codes which might be handed out as incentive to purchase don't work
Didn't work
I tried it and it worked (existing customer), but I had an account specific code which worked out better
Didnt work for me
Lots of people finding this didn't work. Apologies to those who were disappointed.
Anyone got a code that works 30% off £309 worth of hinges would be a nice saving
TD7F may give you 20% off - it's a really old code (2014) but was reported as still working a couple of months ago.
If you're able to wait, codes seem to come out mid-month - but note there is a restriction of 5 of any one item.

Anyone got a code that works 30% off £309 worth of hinges would be a nice … Anyone got a code that works 30% off £309 worth of hinges would be a nice saving

New code now added
I have just used , worked a treat. I usually delete ironmongery direct emails straight away as i get so many of them.
Didn't work for me, tried a few times over the last week
I just used code VITC286 to get 30% off £75+vat. The code was sent through the mail but hopefully it can be used by others?
Great spot. Saved me £70.40 on lead sash window weights. Shame they now only let you buy 5 at a time. Many thanks for posting.
Worked fantastic
this voucher code savingforu worked for me just now. I am a new customer who just registered with Ironmongery Direct. Thanks sooooo much for sharing this voucher code, I have just saved £27.11.
That's savingsforu didn't work but looks like the FPA5 and FPA7 both work. The former gave me 50 quid off. It's worth scrolling through these posts and just trying all the codes and seeing what works!
January code?
pcs70383rd Jan

I'll post as soon as I receive it. Probably next week

Excellent, thanks.
Still nothing? Got a basket ready to go! Lol
Just received
pcs703812th Jan

Just received

Does anyone have a working code?
Iv been looking for a working code too, Anybody?
pcs703812th Jan

Just received

Hi pcs7038, what is the code? 23Q3J3B2 doesnt seem to be working?
just realised it for 5 items!.... however, TD7F is still giving 20% off for as many items as you want !
Any vouchers at all?
I am a new customer so if someone refers me I think you get an amazon voucher and I need a 20% code. Any takers?
PM Sent
Anyone have a referal code thing for 20% off?
Any current codes working? Gutted that the 30% off code expired last night. I left my order on my browser to complete today!!!
Next 30% code is probably 10 days away. If you can't wait, there are new customer referrals available for 20% off - they do need a new email, though.
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Hi can’t believe I’ve missed the 30% off anyone got a code that works? Or should I wait for the next offer 🤔
Anyone got a working code?
Would really appreciate the 30% code too
Anybody got a voucher code working currently?
Has anyone got any working voucher codes? Thanks
Sorry - nothing shown up yet this month
Anyone got a feb code?
Sorry - still not received one this month
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