£30 off a £60 spend at additions direct

£30 off a £60 spend at additions direct



doesn't work
only offered with credit account
is this a specific code for individual accounts, or can ayone use this
I had the same code through on a letter this morning, and tried to get it to work but it wouldn't.
it wouldn't work for me, now i have a credit account with them i didn't want?
Same here
i once rang these up bcuz i had lost a code taht was sent to me and they told me there is no way of tracking who the codes have been sent to....still wouldnt trust them though
Voted cold. This company cannot be trusted - half of the codes they advertise themselves do not work even if your order meets all the criteria. Appalling customer service too! No wonder they offer such big discounts just to get people to sign up.
aw im so sorry guys
Great! I tried the code and it came up saying It was for credit accounts only.

I've sat for a good 15 minutes trying to open a credit account, after talking to the live help oporator on their site and after I finally managed to create the credit account and apply the code it comes up as code is invalid!

What a waste of time!
It worked for me, it is only if you add to your account and it shows after the total 'voucher to account £30.00' until you get your statement that is when you see the discount.
'code invalid'
I used same code today I was sent it through the post and it worked just fine
I tried this code tonight and didnt work, yet my cousin tried it couple hours ago and worked for her!!??????
i used this code today as it was sent to me through the post
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