£30 off a £60 spend at Marshall Ward

£30 off a £60 spend at Marshall Ward


Why Cold?


Why Cold?

It's customer/account specific - I got this email myself, the same code was offered to certain Littlewoods customers too.

Not voting either way.

It's not quite an urban myth though, it happened to me last week.
£150 charge was added onto my account as an adjustment. I called them and they said it was for promotional codes I had used when not entitled to them.
I managed to negotiate it down to £60 as it's so long ago how could they expect me to find the relevent letter/text to show I was entitled to them.
The annoying thing is i'm pretty sure I had them sent apart from 1 £30 code.

So a great deal if you have been sent it but do so at your own risk if you didn't get this offer direct to you.

O and I don't have multiple accounts. It won't put me off entirely, just be aware.

Invalid code for me

"* ZQ974 - This offer code is invalid"
Cheers, Mark.
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