£30 off a £60 spend @ Empirestores.co.uk

Get code & visit site915


Tells me code invalid, was looking for one of these too!

doesn't work for me either...

ZQ915 - This offer code is invalid

unless you have to wait until the weekend??

Original Poster

Hmmnn.... perhaps you need to wait till tomorrow (Saturday)??
It doesn't actually state a beginning date on the text, just that it's a weekend offer that ends on Sunday.

I think it should definitely work tomorrow.

IS it only for people who got the text? I got the txt so should be fine. Voted hot

Not working now.... will wait few more hours !!!

Same for me but as it says "quote" the code maybe its for telephone orders only??

Then again i'm trying to use it on another littlewoods account so maybe someone who uses empire stores can see if it works over the phone? Or maybe its account specific but some1 may have already said that...

Its saturday now... and the code still not working :-(


Its saturday now... and the code still not working :-(

Same here,still coming up as invalid code so have to conclude it's account specific,

I did get a text from them this morning but it was just to say about the sale starting early,no mention of any discount :-(

Original Poster

Dang... I don't get why it isn't working for you guys. Sorry. It may well be account specific?
Has it worked for anyone else on empire?

I tried empire, no dice

These codes are for £30 off £60 for existing customers are user specific, you will only get it to work if you have been sent the code via text.....theres been a few, and i rung up to see what the deal was, and that was it, and also they have started to expire some codes because people are abusing them when ther eonly for selected customers only! so voted cold from me!

I am an existing Empire customer but the code did not work for me. :cry:

Definitely sees tobe acccount specific, i checked my email address after i made my first comment and marshall ward had sent me the same code. I've not shopped with them on that account forages so maybe why, i've used it and it worked.

The way i see it, its worth a try on any littlewoods accounts you have, as long as ur aware of the risks. If it works for you great, if it doesn't u haven't lost anything but a little time and in case anyone says anything, yes i know time is precious...

Good luck if you do try :thumbsup:
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